Obama’s wrote his own Eulogy with State of the Union

You didn’t need an address from our soon-to-be-former President to know the state the union. Since President Obama took office, nearly every economic indicator has gotten worse, the federal deficit has ballooned, the welfare state has grown, health care has gotten more expensive, but thank God you can be openly gay in the military.

This morning, on Fox and Friends, Florida Senator Marco Rubio quipped that Barack Obama didn’t talk about his accomplishments as President last night because, frankly, he doesn’t have very many.

The failures of this administration are clear, yet he refuses to accept any responsibility for them.

It’s unconscionable to me, that he can stand there with a straight face and say, “no handouts, no bailouts, no cop-outs,” when his legacy is based on handouts, bailouts and cop-outs.

It was Candidate Obama who, despite McCain’s suggestion to return to Congress, opted to continue to campaign in 2008 amid the biggest financial crisis since the market crashed in 1987.

It was President Obama who presided over the auto industry bailout, the cash for clunkers program (a government handout).

It was President Obama who supported the wildly unsuccessful and recklessly expensive stimulus, the heinously unpopular health care law, and despite his insistence on “everyone paying their fair share,” continues to spend with no regard for the costs, having asked twice to raise the debt ceiling despite being against doing so while he was in Congress.

His intransigence in a failing ideology has stalled growth in political discourse, carrying the torch for the most divisive political rhetoric since the racist southern leaders in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s.

Of course, Obama, full of self-love and masturbatory illusions of grandeur, fancies himself a leader on the level of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm-X.

Propublica did an analysis of Obama’s promises in his previous State of the Union addresses and found Obama’s promise about doubling our country’s renewable energy has fallen flat. He said the stimulus bill would double the U.S. supply of renewable energy in three years, instead it’s grown just 8%.

His plan to give 80% of Americans access to high-speed rails has gone off the tracks, mostly because states and communities have realized the money being offered wouldn’t come close to covering the cost of these massive projects.

Luckily for us, he hasn’t kept those promises, considering the massive expense of the projects that did make it through have plunged this country in a federal debt so large, it will likely take a generation to recover.

If you want to read a concise list of his “new” plans, the Wall Street Journal laid it out nicely.

Plans to punish universities for raising tuition by cutting funding will only drive tuition up further.

Incentivizing mortgage refinancing undercuts the banks’ stream of revenue at a time when financial institutions are already on their knees. And to punish them even more, Obama wants to charge them a fee for the refinancing to pay for the $3,000 credit.

He wants to punish companies for making global profits, a policy that would no doubt drive up the number of companies leaving the U.S. and setting up shop in the Cayman Islands or Europe in order to avoid the massive penalties being levied on businesses.

Obama has demonstrated a recklessly low acumen for economic policy, an anti-progressive stance on peace by engaging in class warfare and rhetoric aimed at creating divides, rather than unity.

Few people, save for perhaps Charlie Sheen, are so far outside of reality, yet so full of their own self-worth.

This country can’t afford four more years of pitting father against son, neighbor against neighbor. It can’t afford four more years of spending on historic levels while revenues are at historic lows.

We can’t afford a government who obfuscates issues, fooling people into believing the government is the solution to their problems, rather than the cause.

If our country is to survive and once again thrive, then this must be the last time Congress stands or sits for President Obama.

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