President Obama appealing to low-hanging fruit with shallow tax pleas

If you listened closely you heard something from our soon-to-be-former President in the State of the Union that should have surprised you.

Obama proposed a slew of tax credits and tax breaks to businesses, industries, and home-owners.

The man obsessed with government spending to the point of megalomania wants to return tax-payer dollars to their rightful place.

At one point I even received a text message from my father who said, “Now he’s sounding like a conservative.”

Even the famously liberal Jon Stewart thought President Obama went a little crazy, calling him the “tax credit Oprah,” on the Daily Show.

“You get a tax credit! And you get a tax credit!”

The reason our one-term President has decided to act this way is because it’s a terrific way to score cheap political points.

Next fall he can say “I proposed tax break after tax break and Congress refused to pass the bills.”

If the bills are passed, then the tax breaks go in effect and people are happy to hear their president lowered taxes, even if most of them are either entirely nonsensical or inefficient.

The problem for Obama is, and always has been, that he has absolutely no idea how to run a balanced budget. There’s no way “the rich paying their fair share,” can pay for all of these tax credits.

Furthermore, all of these tax credits will plunge us even further into debt as a nation at a time when nearly every American family is having to make sacrifices.

The governments seems utterly disinterested in making any of its own.

Unless we cut spending drastically and in a hurry, just the interest from our debt will bury our country, hand-cuffing our ability to fund programs.

The problem is we are borrowing 40% of every dollar spent: a rate equivalent to handing a million dollars to someone every 20 seconds of every day all year long.

Obama has borrowed more in 3 years than our country borrowed in its entire existence. His government borrows $100,000 faster than you can say it, over and over and over and over without ceasing.

Conservatives are all about lowering taxes, but it has to be at the very least revenue neutral. More than that, there have to be cuts in spending in other departments to eat into a deficit that is like a foot on the throat of our economy.

Our President has no interest in real solutions because any successful long-run economic policies won’t help him in the next 10 months to get elected.

The irony, of course, is that his State of the Union was about creating an “America Built to Last.”

President Obama, on the other hand, only cares about building a base by appealing to the most gullible and callow among us with vacuous pleas for policies he knows have no chance of being instated.

Expect the empty rhetoric and obvious non-starter policy ideas to continue until he’s made a one-term President by a nation who sees through this vain, selfish attempt to win them over.


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