Four more Years of Obama Will be Every Bit as Bad as Feared

Barack Obama was sworn in for a second term as the leader of the United States today, giving us a first glimpse as to what four more years under Obama might look like.

Brad Dayspring, a senior advisor to YG Action Fund, a conservative super PAC, tweeted, “Let me translate: the era of Big Government is back.”

In other words, our worst fears are  being realized.

For months leading up to the election, conservative pundits and talk show hosts attempted to relay to the public the dire need to get out from underneath the onerous burdens of a liberal agenda.

Already, Obama and his liberal cohorts have raised taxes on anyone with a job, thousands of dollars for working class families.

Additional tax revenues will only be in the $60 billion range and 75% of new taxes will go to new spending projects.

Deficits solved right?

President Obama touched on global climate change, gay rights, entitlements and gun control, the liberal boondoggle quadrangle.

Barack Obama, unfettered by the need to tack to the center for political point-scoring in an attempt to get re-elected, is showing his true colors. All of those Democrats who defended Obama as a moderate – as opposed to the socialist most of us know him to be – will have be in a precarious position once the POTUS starts pushing his agenda further and further to the left.

And let’s be very serious about this: he absolutely will.

Obama has every intention of pushing forward with the continued spend and borrow habits that lead to the U.S. credit downgrade and trillions in deficits. He will continue to fund programs at taxpayer expense that have no net benefit to the American people, or are heinously disorganized and inefficient.

He believes in big government for the sake of big government and big government is what we’ll get unless the Republicans can wrestle the majority in the Senate away from the left.

Even so, the Democrats will have two years of leverage to push through whatever agenda they deem fit. It’s how we got ObamaCare, the only piece of major reform in the last century passed without a single bi-partisan vote.

Inflation remains a concern, unemployment has government costs soaring as people collect their food stamps, unemployment insurance and Medicaid supplies, all while investors remain wary of tax increases as Obama has made it quite clear he plans to take out businesses at the knees.

Taxes will go up again and businesses will respond by cutting jobs. The implementation of ObamaCare will cost millions more their jobs as companies fight off rising costs. Rising debts will stunt the strength of the U.S. dollar and our economy in markets around the world.

Obama’s support for unified labor will continue to bleed taxpayers despite the fact that schools aren’t getting any better and our students aren’t getting any better prepared for college.

As a first-term president, Obama was petulant, stubborn and uncompromising. How do you expect him to act when he’s not facing re-election and is concerned only with his own legacy? No president, perhaps in history, is a more self-absorbed and self-promoting leader than Barack Obama.

Furthermore, he’s shown he just doesn’t get it. In his speech, Obama took a shot at Paul Ryan in saying, ” The commitments we make to each other — Medicare, and Medicaid, and Social Security — these things do not sap our initiative; they strengthen us. They do not make us a nation of takers; they free us to take the risks that make this country great.”

It’s utterly incoherent. How do welfare programs free us to take risks when the people paying to take risks are also the ones paying for the social programs? The only people social programs “free” are the people who don’t have to work or take risks. What Obama lays out is all well and good except for it being completely false.

What can we expect from Obama’s second term? More of the same. And that’s exactly what we spent the last four years worried about.

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