Blame the left that ‘war on men’ idea even exists

One of my biggest pet peeves, particularly among conservatives, is that people whose basic ideas I agree with, argue for them in the worst possible ways.

As a result, it’s a negative reflection on me when I tell people I believe something because they automatically assume I believe it for the prominent, ignorant reasons offered by whomever.

Fox News is a regular culprit in this increasingly pervasive problem among the right, but a recent post regarding a supposed war on men is an archetype example.

The argument in the article is one only a woman could make, and by that I mean she essentially blames women for the problems feminists set out to solve. Had a man written this column, the outrage would have been obvious and perhaps even more warranted.

Rebuttals were numerous and furious, although perhaps the most even-handed critique was done by Mediaite.

Suzanne Venker, who wrote the Fox piece, said a number of particularly inflammatory things such as “women aren’t women anymore.”

The entire article smacks of covert sexism and the idea that women would be better off had they remained subservient to their male partners.

It’s in a man’s DNA to provide for a woman, not compete with her. That’s more or less how Venker’s argument goes.

Full of holes and obvious fallacies, the argument fails to stand, but there are significant reasons to believe the rise of women have marginalized men.

It’s based on the liberal idea that in order for someone to succeed someone else has to fail. This is obvious composition fallacy, given that you could probably think of numerous examples where this isn’t directly the case. But you can also see the workings of the liberal mind here, as best expressed through the Occupy movements whereby the rich only succeed by making others poor.

Men, for generations, oppressed women.

This is an indisputable fact. Women weren’t allowed to own property, vote, run a business, and in some places it’s still legal for a man to rape his wife – or more specifically, he can have non-consensual sex with his wife and it isn’t considered illegal rape.

Women still earn less for doing the same job as men.

Venker’s point that the feminist culture over-corrected is one of the few valid points she’s made. Whether explicit or implicit, feminists have often tried to tell women they don’t need men. The result has been widespread, as women are more professionally oriented, independent, and sexually promiscuous, not waiting to marry. None of these are inherently a problem for men.

But what often happens to marginalized sects of society, is they are given special leeway to overcompensate. It’s the reason you could have a newspaper called “The Black Voice” but never called “The White Voice.”

Black voices are suppressed by mainstream culture, while white voices are not, or at least the theory goes.

Affirmative Action and a host of other legislation aimed at creating equality has actually created resentment among those who do not get special treatment for their minority status. The government picks winners and losers even among the marginalized.

Much like quantitative easing or any fiscal policy,  the market finds a way to correct itself. True equality would be a time when programs like affirmative action wouldn’t be necessary.

Women are earning more now than ever. They outnumber men on college campuses and their voices are finally being heard. At some point, there has to be a correction of course because the man cannot oppress the woman forever.

This oppressor theory is explained in an excellent piece by Victor Davis Hanson.

At what point do women stop blaming men for their own lack of success? At what point do we decide that men are no longer oppressing women?

Men’s problem with modern women isn’t that they “aren’t women anymore.” Plenty of women still want to have families, be mothers and follow the gender roles of the 1950’s. They just want the option to choose it.

Feminism has perverted this dream as professionals look down their noses at those who choose to stay at home with their children.

Such a thing for a man would be laughable. In fact, for a man to stay at home rather than work would be viewed as a success among other men, especially if its because he chose a mate who can afford to sustain the household.

Stereotypes in the media have set men back as well, from Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin to Phil Dunphy and Don Draper. Either fathers are inept, stupid, philandering or all of the above.

Bill Cosby and Mike Brady are long gone.

But more to the point, men are more than willing to compete with women professionally. Women often work harder than men, particularly in industries where women are greatly outnumbered like finance or law.

Straight Christian men in particular, have begun to be marginalized so that others can grow and succeed. There’s nothing wrong with wanting women or racial minorities to succeed, but there’s no reason white men have to be marginalized for that to happen.

Only a liberal could believe that in order to succeed someone has to fail, but they decided that must be the case, and then blamed society for going along with their plan.

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