Heartened by an election victory, left leaves reality

How quickly the left forgets that just a few years ago they were the extremists, the outliers in American political culture.

Suddenly, it’s as if they believe the world has validated their ideologies and the brazen arrogance and resentment they have for anyone unlike them has reared its ugly head.

They speak as if you’re just supposed to agree with them and any argument to the contrary would be reason for commitment to a mental institution.

It used to just slip out occasionally, but given the rise of Mother Jones, Daily Kos and other liberal outlets, coupled with the rise to power of the most liberal man ever elected to major office, the arrogance of liberalism has reached a new height.

“America’s meanest business owner will make his employees regret health care coverage,” is the headline.

The Gawker article is a hatchet job of a restaurant owner who says he’s raising prices and encouraging patrons to tip less because ObamaCare has raised his costs and he knows it will add strain to the people around him.

To the author of this article, and the left – both of whom apparently live outside reality – this guy is an asshole. He’s sticking it to the left and Obama. There couldn’t possibly be another explanation, like say, the truth right?

Liberals have become so insulated, so arrogant and overconfident in their ideologies, that they fail to recognize the effects their policies have in the real world.

I wouldn’t expect a liberal to understand supply and demand because, frankly, the average liberal doesn’t even understand simple cause and effect in policy-making.

But ObamaCare does have negative effects. You can like the policy, appreciate what it does for people who can’t get insurance, and still understand that there are going to be people who don’t benefit. For example, the businesses who have to pay penalties for failing to have certain coverage.

The people who have to pay penalties for not having insurance they already can’t afford.

There are the millions of workers who will lose their health care coverage all together because their companies couldn’t afford to pay for it – that’s assuming they keep their jobs at all.

Now, you have Hostess – an American institution in the food world – basically being driven out of business by the same people who have driven states into insolvency: the unions.

You know what happens to unions who overplay their hand? They lose their jobs because companies go out of business. Do you want to take a little less money or do you want to lose your job altogether? Unions would rather play hardball as we’ve seen in school districts across the country.

Unions would rather have a philosophic point and let hundreds of teachers get laid off, than bargain slightly smaller step increases or less expensive health insurance.

Ignoring the real world consequences, when businesses have already begun laying off workers in anticipation of the rising costs (insurance costs have already gone up most places) and thousands of businesses affecting millions of workers have already said they will have to the same, is something liberals do at their own peril.

The restaurateur is an asshole because he dares live in reality, where policy has real consequences. Encouraging patrons to tip less is a stupid thing to do, but raising his prices and reducing his staff isn’t something a business does just for fun.

I had people in my Twitter account insisting that businesses were laying people off just to rub it in Obama’s face. Those people clearly have never run a business. The average business can’t afford to lay people off just to stick it to a politician. You hurt efficiency, morale and your bottom line.

Businesses are laying people off because the pernicious effects of President Obama’s policies, in cahoots with the statists in Congress, are real.

To ignore that and instead live in a land of liberal euphoria and hallucination is the decision modern American liberals have made.

Who’s the asshole again?

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One thought on “Heartened by an election victory, left leaves reality

  1. You sound bitter, angry and resentful, my friend. And you should, since your candidate, your Party and its platform were soundly rejected by the majority of Americans. You see, that’s how the rules go in our country, ever since the founding fathers decided that letting people vote (well, at least rich, white, male landowners) in elections to pick the President. In this election, the President won the popular vote! BTW, the founding fathers weren’t entirely comfortable letting the “masses” choose the leader of our country; after all, they said, “these rabble can’t be trusted to pick the best man!” (You see, only men could run for President back then, and only men could vote). So, they created the Electoral College, to allow them to have more control. In this election, the President also won, by a wide majority, the electoral vote! So, I guess my point is, GET OVER IT! YOU LOST! So stop whining and figure out a way to help the President make things better, instead of continuing the same obstructionism of the last 4 years!

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