Obama won no mandate, but doesn’t seem to care

The ideas Mitt Romney brought to the table were not new ones for the Republican Party: lower taxes, unburden businesses, get spending under control, reform entitlements, etc.

It would be easy to say this was a referendum on Republican fiscal policy. That was the platform on which Willard Romney ran and it was the platform that wasn’t enough to get him elected.

But to this business of a mandate, Obama certainly thinks he has one. He told reporters in his first remarks as president (which weren’t in a press conference. The POTUS never took questions although both Bush and Clinton did after being re-elected) that the people had decided his approach to dealing with the fiscal cliff was the way they preferred.

This, of course, is the dangerous part of elections because the candidate who wins believes the sum total of his or her ideas were codified by the electorate. Remind me again, what is Obama’s approach?

His campaign centered around an erroneous analysis of Mitt Romney’s tax plan, an attack of Mitt Romney’s wealth and business past, Big Bird and binders full of women.

So Obama’s plan, the one the electorate agreed was the right plan is…

Well, we know one part, tax the rich. This is the only plan the Obama administration has to deal with the deficit, only it’s been made abundantly clear that higher taxes on millionaires would be like taking a bucket full of water out of Lake Michigan.

Jim Treacher in The Daily Caller took the so-called mandate idea a step further and broke down Obama’s victory state by state because we have this hideous thing called the electoral college which was supposed to prevent candidates from pandering only to high population areas – so instead they pander to Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Here is an updated set of numbers, according to the results this morning 

Florida: 73,858

Ohio: 103,481

Virginia: 115,910

Colorado: 113,099

Those four states, with a collective margin of 406,348 for Obama, add up to 69 electoral votes. Had Romney won 407,000 or so additional votes in the right proportion in those states, he would have 275 electoral votes.

As Treacher puts it, Obama basically won a margin the size of Omaha, Nebraska. How can there possibly be a mandate there?

Furthermore, in a twist of ironic fate, Mitt Romney won 48.6% of the vote. That number isn’t particularly significant, but when you consider Obama and his accomplices in the media spent weeks blasting Romney for his comments about the so-called 47%, the drama heightens.

Barack Obama promised to be the president of 100% of the nation, not just the 53% Mitt Romney says he would. Coincidently, President Obama didn’t even get to 53% and yet he’s already talking about going against the wishes of nearly half the nation.

It’s not the first time Obama told the country, “I know better than you.” Nearly 60% of the country didn’t want ObamaCare implemented and while that number has steadily dropped, it will spike again once the provisions are implemented and millions of businesses have to lay off workers or force them to become part-time employees, leaving millions of Americans in a position where they can’t afford to pay Obama’s health care tax, nor can they afford an individual plan.

Obama and the Democrats have no incentive to negotiate a “grand bargain” on the fiscal cliff because if the sequester hits, it’ll be much easier to for Congress to re-appropriate funds for the federal government than lower the tax increase which looms with no agreement.

The president has the GOP and the country by the you-know-whats and his first press conference was in indication that he plans to use his leverage to create an America in his image.

Given that he didn’t run a campaign based on what he wants that to be, we can only go on his past ideologies and policies to extrapolate forward.

If you do that, you begin to see why Obama didn’t run based on that vision; it’s a scary one.

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