Obama’s layoff bomb explodes just hours after he wins re-election

The day after Barack Obama was re-elected, millions celebrated a historic victory. Others, who had to go to work, felt a sense of disappointment, not so much in the loss, but in their fellow citizens. Those choosing Mitt Romney or even Gary Johnson knew that an Obama win was nothing to celebrate.

The working class, especially those in the finance world, weren’t just nervous about the dire consequences of four more years of Obamanomics, they were downright terrified.

Wednesday, as one Twitter follower put it, Wall Street had its own election and Obama was whooped soundly. Every major index was in a freefall, but this was only the beginning.

Just this week, thousands of new layoffs have been announced – although the Bureau of Labor Statistics will find a way to airbrush the numbers. Various reports have explained that hundreds of companies, big and small, had been waiting on the outcome of the election to determine whether they could continue at their current growth rate or not.

For more companies, an Obama victory meant the harsh penalties of ObamaCare, where in a state like Wisconsin, an Obama adviser admitted individual premiums will rise some 30% as a result of the law.

Individual premiums are just the tip of the iceberg. Before the election, Michelle Malkin warned of a Obama layoff bomb and unfortunately, Malkin was right.

Freedomworks.com started a list, but it’s by no means exhaustive. Pepsi will cut 4,000 jobs.  Boeing will reduce its budget by 1.6 billion, which means thousands of jobs thanks to Obama’s promised defense cuts. Energizer plans to lay off 10% of their workforce.

Bristol-Myers, U.S. Cellular, ING, St. Jude, Boston Scientific, Caterpillar and dozens of others are among businesses who understand what a second Obama term will mean for their businesses and are also preemptively cutting staff.

It was so bad in the first 48 hours, President Obama had to call a press conference to try and stop the proverbial bleeding, but the damage has already been done. The wounds were inflicted Tuesday and there’s no bandage for it.

Obama was the problem, the instrument of destruction. His re-election was another stab, another shot across the bow of the U.S. economy. It was the government the people demanded.

The unfortunate part is that the left will see this as a chance for government to again save the day. Hand out more food stamps, put more people on Medicare. Look, they’ll say, all of these laid off people will still have insurance even though they don’t have jobs thanks to ObamaCare.

In reality, millions will be forced to buy health insurance thanks to jobs they’ve lost, and even if they can’t afford to or don’t want to buy insurance, they have to. That’s the law.

When conservatives in the media played ‘the sky is falling’ game in past elections, talking about this being “the most important election in your lifetime”, they were being hyperbolic. Unfortunately, and perhaps to their own detriment, their ‘crying wolf’ may have fallen on deaf ears in 2012, an election that truly was a landmark election for this once great nation.

But the blood is already on Obama’s hands and there’s no former presidents for him to blame this time. It’s his own policies that he must face.

Unfortunately for Americans, we must face them as well.

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12 thoughts on “Obama’s layoff bomb explodes just hours after he wins re-election

  1. Obama inherited his own mess and now he’ll make it even worse. It’s going to be a disaster. Thank God the GOP kept the House to keep the President in check. He’s a dangerous man.
    Great post – check out my blog and let me know what you think!
    Thank you

    • pc47 says:

      We lost to Bush during 2004. We moved on and in fact we got better financially during last 8 years so far. Why don’t you do the same?

  2. Elaine Tedesdco says:

    This is all a twisted lie. Non partisan financial analysts said the market would absolutely take a hit no matter who took office, and that the one they truly feared election was Romney. “Terrified” of Obama election? Haha. What a lying sack of shit you are!! Obamacare doesn’t work like that at all. Essentially large businesses will see no change..while small businesses will see either a small decrease or increase. According to non-partisan analysis! It remains true that even in a strong economy some business thrive and others do not, resulting in layoffs! Again this is natural occurrence even in a strong economy let alone in a sluggish one! With all the competitive industries out there this happens even in a strong market. It is simply logical! Not every business will see growth and others will do poorly for various reasons. It could poor product, poor management, or more likely losing in a highly competitive market. Your list of companies that are slated for layoffs is an easy way for an ignorant like yourself to once again demonize Obama. This distortion of reality and the truth so typical of Republicans is what caused you to lose the election in the first place. The economy has not recovered from essentially collapsing four years ago, and it may never. That’s reality. There is no magic wand and even with the most effective strategies it will take time. Obama is not cutting defense spending, he is not increasing it. Another distortion. With wars coming to an end there is no reason to throw MORE money at the military right now.
    Continue with your hate mantra toward Dems (call them lazy) poor people (call them leaches) blacks (join the birthers!) women (strip them of right to choose concerning their own life and body–Roe vs Wade) immigrants (tell them to go home!) gays (call them sickos)…does that about cover who your party hates and feels entitled to trash? You are officially the Hate Party. And America just said see ya! And its NOT looking back. I just realize! I’m gonna stop trying to enlighten and help you people. It’s more fun to watch you dig yourselves deeper. Have fun being a member of the failing, shrinking, laughable, Hate Party!

    • JAB says:

      I think your information is off. My husband works for a large company and our insurance DOUBLED for next year. I have a small company and in the past, have always provided insurance or a subsidy for insurance for my employees, not because I am mandated to by law but because I thought it was the right thing to do. I can no longer afford to do it. The single parents I represent can no longer get child only insurance if they have no employer-provided or cost-effective family coverage. Finally, Obamacare does not give people insurance, it penalizes them if they do not have it and the penalty is not health coverage, it’s just a penalty for not having a job that provides insurance or for not paying the individual premiums that are now out of reach for most people. As an aside, we will be paying so much for insurance, we literally won’t be ale to afford to use it. That is reality, not politics, racism or anything else untoward. We are headed for sadder days in America as the realities unfold.

  3. youngright says:

    Elaine, you must not read my blog very often or you’d know I don’t demonize poor people, blacks, women, immigrants or gays, but your sweeping generalizations are an indictment of your own hate toward a party with which I am not even affiliated.

    Now, to your point about the economy, it’s obvious to me you’re unfamiliar with the way businesses work. The only reason a host of companies would, within mere hours of the election, lay off these workers is because of the perception of Obama’s policies on their businesses. I happen to trust the people running those businesses that they know what’s best for them ahead of you or your “non-partisan” analysis.

    I know people who run businesses, people who follow the economy for a living. I know a lot of them. ALL of them believe that Obama’s policies are anti-growth and anti-business.

    Your specious claims about ObamaCare couldn’t be further from the truth. Read the link in the post, Obama’s own advisers admitted personal insurance policies will go up. It’s an indisputable fact that businesses will have to pay penalties for not meeting arbitrary levels of insurance whether or not they can afford to do so. That incentivizes businesses to follow the Wal-Mart model and reduce their full-time staff. Uncertainty over taxation levels, government debt and deficit spending come together to form a perfect storm of negative energy in the marketplace.

    And did your non-partisan financial analysts all say the market would defecate on itself the day after EITHER candidate was elected? No.

    Millions of jobs are at stake because of the anti-growth policies of this administration, plus millions more because of the ACA. You can call me a liar, but the facts don’t have a liberal bias. In fact, they’re an indictment of liberal policy.

  4. sakuratouch says:

    Elaine Tedesdco – you have no clue. I make about 1,000.00/month on 1099 and I am a full time student. I can not afford another bill and I can not afford another tax. I have the required 14.75 percent followed by other federal taxes, county and city taxes. I have to pay the state to work as well. I also have to pay for yearly classes.

    Since I graduated with a BS in biology last year, I also have to suffer the consequence of 100,000.00 student loan debt and I went homeless in my senior year. Today, I am a massage therapist with 2 state regulated laws(2004 – LMT prevented in Medicare, 2012 LMT prevented from PIP) preventing me from working full time in my field as a lymphedema therapist.

    Now, I get a 3 percent tax increase and a 1300.00 tax since I can not afford health insurance. I am thinking strongly about quitting my job. I get one day off from September to December and I can not afford gas, rent, taxes, or food. What’s the point in working?

  5. oldcrank says:

    This Tedesdco (how could she be pronouncing that?) person is undoubtedly young, maybe even college age and college educated, if you can call this drivel “education.” She clearly has no experience of earning a living and is no doubt living off of someone else. Nor has she encountered the health care system in any meaningful way and will have no idea what Obamacare actually does. I would suppose she’s old enough to vote, though not accomplished enough to have a real job and pay taxes. This is such a tragedy. But her vote counts as much as a dues-paying citizen’s.

    This would be the inevitable end to the inevitable drift of democracy, by which I mean elected government – don’t hassle me about republics – which is the discovery by the masses that they can vote themselves money from the general treasury. We should be thinking about this problem for when another continent is discovered, where our poor, our wretched, our teeming masses can go to start over. We should be ready with an improved Constitution that addresses this dilemna.

  6. Janet says:

    Elaine, WOW! Seems like you’re the hateful, angry one here. Sorry you’re so unhappy.

  7. Dude says:

    Lol, what a divided bunch of haters our nation has become. I often tell my staff, what if I told the warehouse staff that the reason you get paid less and are oppressed is because of our sales staff are greedy intolerant horrible people. How long would it take before our company no longer prospers?

    Oh well, I do dread another family member whom has lost it all seeking food an shelter to come knocking. My dread is for their sake not mine.

    Good luck to you all, protect your families.

  8. george lienneesh says:

    this tedesco girl is needing some real world education

  9. That list is going to be long by the time Obama finishes his 2nd term.If he cuts taxes and spending then we would not be in this mess.

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