The false narrative surrounding the left’s position on abortion

Pro-choice advocates will tell you that no one is pro-abortion. There’s this leftist myth that they want it to be “safe, rare, and legal.”

Here’s the big problem with that, it’s only truly one of those things at best.

Furthermore, the outcries recently over comments from Republican candidates about abortion stipulations are depressingly hypocritical.

Paul Ryan was crucified by the liberal media for saying that rape was just another form of conception. Biologically, you can’t argue the point. He’s right.

The left’s wailing and gnashing of teeth came because they tried to make it seem like he was justifying rape, which, obviously he wasn’t.

It’s his position that life begins at conception and any life must be preserved. If you disagree that life begins at conception then, and only then, can you truly morally justify abortion.

Now forget about the fact that less than 1% of abortions are from rape and incest and even if you think rape is unreported by five fold, that’s only 5% of all abortions are from these horrible life occurrences.

The rest are just from horrible life choices.

No one asks the pro-choice advocates why it’s alright to abort a child just because it’s a girl, or because it may have Down syndrome. Not only is this legal, but it’s encouraged.

A family friend of my was pregnant with her fourth child. She was in a loving marriage in a stable household and the doctor told her that her child may have Down syndrome and she could choose to abort the pregnancy.

Being a good catholic, she declined. That child is now 23, married and working. Oh by the way, he doesn’t have down syndrome.

How different is our policy than the policy of forced abortion in China? The policy that Joe Biden says he “understands.”

In order to ‘understand’ a policy that not only encourages but mandates aborting pregnancies based on the sex of the child you have to be pro-abortion, not just pro-choice because there is no choice.

Morally, you could argue the people in China are less culpable because legally they have no choice. In America, the people who abort their children simply because of their gender (and this happens, make no mistake) or for any reason other than the health and safety of the mother can only be considered monstrous.

Failing to protect and foster life is the same as destroying it. Abortion is both.

President Obama and his campaign have tried to paint Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney as having extreme views on abortion. The mainstream media hasn’t asked how the GOP ticket feels about the Chinese policy, but I can guarantee you they wouldn’t support it even tacitly the way this administration has.

Forced abortions? That’s an extreme position. Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney believe what most Americans believe and that is abortion should only be legal in cases of rape and danger to the mother, the so-called Mexico City doctrine – named for the policy in place in Mexico’s capital city.

The left’s position is an incoherent, fallacy-filled one, ripe with hypocrisy. In other words, it’s just another leftist platform.

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