Obama’s story-telling debate strategy and why Mitt Romney still won

Despite what the left wants you to believe, Barack Obama did not “win” the election with last night’s debate performance, although you could make a case he lost the election with his first.

Obama was spirited, emphatic, aggressive, and even a little cantankerous in the debate last night. He brought the fire that the left wanted to see. Much like Joe Biden had in the veep debate, it wasn’t so much that they wanted to see him win on issues, they wanted to see him with some life and vigor.

So his plan was basically to lie his ass off. Obama at the very least was disingenuous about what he’s said about Libya, claiming he’d called it an act of terror.

WaPo and other fact-checkers found this to be misleading at best, but the reality is while Obama said the word “terror” he was speaking in generalities, and continued to blame a video for a protest we know never happened.

Romney can win on the Libya issue if he presses Obama for answers as to why this lie about protests was kept for so long.

Obama’s erroneous claims about Mitt Romney’s tax plan have been repeated enough that I don’t even have to link you to a fact-checker, we know at this point they’re demonstrably false.

The claims Obama has made about Romney as an ‘outsourcer’ have been vastly overblown and the specious attacks were again levied last night by the president.

Perhaps the biggest whopper of all was the president’s false claims about an increase in oil production when, as you might expect, the exact opposite is true.

I believe the Libya issue will be further vetted in the media and it may be too recent a controversy with too many unknowns for the Romney campaign to really use it as ammo.

Furthermore, the fact that the president accused Romney of politicizing the event now means the event has been politicized…despite the fact that the American people were lied to habitually by this administration and the GOP are the only people who seem to care.

This isn’t politicization, it’s called accountability, but I wouldn’t expect lefties to even know what that word means.

More to the point on the debate last night, I think there are considerable reasons to believe Obama’s bump will not be as significant as some believe.

In its infinite wisdom, the left has already declared the election for Obama about a half dozen times, but I’ll direct your attention to some important results from last night.

As BuzzFeed points out, there were a slew of issues Romney won on last night. In CNN’s snapshot polls, Romney won respondent’s confidence on dealing with health care, the economy (by almost 20%), taxes (7%), and the deficit (by almost 2:1).

Those are the cornerstones of Mitt Romney’s campaign.

I had a political science professor who always told us that you should win every argument when you decide what the argument should be about.

Mitt Romney is winning on his issues, in most cases by a considerable margin. That’s the trajectory the GOP cares about and it’s the movement we, as Americans, ought to care about as well.

Barack Obama has yet to lay out a single plan for what he’ll do for the next four years, which means all we have to look at is the last four.

That’s not good news for Obama or this country.

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One thought on “Obama’s story-telling debate strategy and why Mitt Romney still won

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