After four years, Left finally criticizing Obama as momentum swings toward Romney

The liberal rats are scurrying off the sinking ship.

Leftists in the media have spent the last week wondering what’s going on with Barack Obama, lamenting his failures as a debater, while at the same time failing to admit to any of his actual shortcomings.

The two are inextricably linked: the president’s failures as a leader and a policy-creator, and his failures to back his own record.

Andrew Sullivan wondered after the debate if Obama had just thrown the election. Michael Goodwin insisted Joe Biden’s performance was a microcosm of the modern liberal: closed-minding and condescending.

In his words, the Democrats had “gone bonkers.”

Conservatives have been saying that for a long time, but the world is finally seeing the left for what it truly is: a failure of big government, bigger budgets, and small ideas.

The ultimate front-runners, Obama was the savior when he was elected, defended at every turn by the left’s accomplices in the media, and protected from his own short-comings. Except now that his grasp on this election has slipped through his fingers.

You could see it in the first debate: Barack Obama was attempting to undercut Mitt Romney’s plan for America. That’s not what a sitting president does.

An incumbent is supposed to tell you that what he’s done has us on the right path and that four more years would lead to growth and prosperity.

Obama can’t do that because his record is a raging tire fire even though it was a blaze he didn’t set, it’s one he’s thrown gasoline on and made considerably worse.

That’s why the polls changed so drastically following the debate: Barack Obama didn’t have answers to why he should be re-elected.

This administration’s response to every question is: tax the rich.

When moderator Rachel Maddatz asked Joe Biden how else this administration would close the deficit his response was: tax the rich.

They don’t have a plan, nor do they even have an explanation as to why we need to tax the rich, other than that it’s what their base wants them to do.

Independents and moderates can see that the Obama/Biden administration has no interest in bipartisanship. ObamaCare was passed without a single Republican vote, the first time in modern history a major reform was passed without bi-partisan support.

The debt-ceiling crisis was a result of partisan bickering and anyone who blames the “Tea Party” for the crisis just has no idea what it means to negotiate.

Real Clear Politics has taken a host of swing states off the board for Obama and put them back into toss-up categories and the momentum has continued to push in favor of the Republicans for the past week and a half.

Incumbent presidents rarely close gaps this late in an election. In fact, they usually lose ground from the final polls to the actual votes and if Obama does that, he’s going to lose.

For a day or two, some lefties were insisting that Romney could win the popular vote and yet win the electoral college, some suggesting in a landslide even.

Given where the polls are at this point, it does seem like a good bet Romney could win the popular vote, but Obama’s electoral lead has shrunk and he holds just a 10 point electoral lead according to the RCP averages right now.

How good does Barack Obama have to be Tuesday to swing the election back in his favor? He’d have to do to Romney what Romney did to him last week and that seems unlikely.

No amount of debate prep can shield our soon-to-be-former president from his economic failures, the recent controversies in Libya, or his lack of a clear vision moving forward.

Mitt Romney will duck and dodge the haymakers from Obama if he attacks and will likely stay on the offensive in his criticisms of Obama.

That’s one thing Obama can’t duck: his own failures as a leader and the left finally seems to see it.

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