Obama to Romney, ‘You didn’t build that campaign strategy’

Barack Obama is accusing Mitt Romney of running a vague campaign.

Have you stopped laughing yet? Let me repeat it so it really sinks in.

Barack Obama, the man whose platform four years ago was ‘Hope and Change’ is accusing Mitt Romney of running a vague campaign.

Leftist policy is based on the tenant that people tend to have a short memory. They can do one thing, then act like they never did it just by saying so.

Or, in this case, they can attack someone else for doing the same thing they’ve already done.

It helps the soon-to-be-former president to have accomplices in the media like the New York Times, hammering home how vague Romney has been on foreign policy ideas.

The problem with that criticism is that for a candidate who isn’t actually in office to detail a plan is somewhat incoherent, since he’s not working with the full information that the president has.

We saw how Mitt Romney wanted the Libya terrorist attack handled.

In retrospect, I can’t see how that was anything but the right call, while the Obama administration lied, mislead, and obfuscated the truth about the attacks.

Our president can’t even say the phrase “terrorist attack.”

I’m not into the Islamophobia conspiracies of some on the right, but it continues to bother me that the president will not call violent Islamic extremists, or anyone else for that matter, terrorists.

Romney will give a speech today, slamming the president on foreign policy. Believe me, it will become part of the campaign. The former Massachusetts Governor was probably vague on foreign policy before because it wasn’t an issue.

It has become one lately because of the White House’s utter ineptitude in the Middle East.

But more to the point,  Romney’s key message will be, “Hope and change is not a strategy.”

Obama ran on and won with hope and change in 2008. He was going to slow the rising tides of the ocean, remember?

He put all sorts of things on the table from global warming and energy independence, to holding Wall Street accountable and tackling the deficit.

But ask an Obama supporter what his plans were for dealing with those issues in 2008. Hell, ask an Obama supporter what his plans are for dealing with those issues now.

This administration has invested billions of tax payer dollars into green energy companies who have failed or are close to insolvency.

We’re no closer now to energy independence than we were four years ago, particularly after the president and the left blocked the Keystone XL pipeline and increased EPA regulations to kill the coal industry.

The Wall Street fat cats got billions in bailouts, despite the fact that only our safety nets needed bailing out. Government General Motors is not a booming business, but rather a flailing one, owing the government billions in loans and Chevy Volt production – a key component of Obama’s push for greener energy sources – his hit a standstill because the car has had so many issues.

And try not to laugh when the President hits Romney on the deficit, when no president in history has blown a bigger hole in the deficit in four years, nor has anyone created more national debt.

Plan? What plan? There wasn’t one four years ago and there isn’t one now. Expect the Romney camp push back on accusations that Romney has no strategy with the insistence that Obama, when he has had a strategy, has had failed ones, and simply has no plan to deal with the impending insolvency of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Voters will remember they were sold a bill of goods with ‘Hope and Change’ but only if you remind them enough. Romney has finally found his rhythm doing so, and it’s paying dividends as the race tightens.

Vague campaigning on ideas rather than substance? Romney didn’t start that, Barack Obama started that for him.

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