Surprisingly Strong Debate from Romney show signs of Life from the GOP Candidate

You’ve already decided who won last night’s debate and, unless you are completely blinded by your own partisan leanings, saw the riotous beatdown perpetrated by the former Governor of Massachusetts.

It was a side of Mitt Romney we’d not seen in this campaign. He was aggressive, assertive, congenial and every bit the East Coast moderate we thought we he would be coming into the race.

He tacked to the right to win the Republican primary and has tacked to the center to win the presidency. While you may call that flip-flopping, the candidate’s history would suggest this moderate Mitt is more likely the real Mitt.

How did it play nationally? According to CNN, 67% of people thought Romney won the debate (I jokingly tweeted that another 33% must have been too drunk playing ‘debate bingo’ drinking games), and even the ultra-progressive Mother Jones believed Romney won the debate.

A CBS poll showed that 55% of people had a better opinion of Romney following the debate while just 13% felt that way about our soon-to-be-former President.

The Wall Street Journal recently noted that there are about 12% of voters who remain undecided. Given the stark contrast in the candidates, that tells you that those people are likely moderates who haven’t decided which candidate they plan to hold their nose and vote for.

More post-debate polls showed 64% of people say Mitt Romney would be a ‘stronger leader’, while 62% said better command of facts. Fortunately for both candidates, you don’t have to actually have the facts you just need to sound like you do.

Independent and undecided voters are inherently less interested as partisan voters, making them less likely to seek out the fact-checkers to make sure the candidate they like was telling them the truth.

The more important number is 56%. Well over half of respondents said Mitt Romney had a better vision for America.

Up until last night, Mitt Romney had been mostly defined by President Obama’s campaign ads, and perhaps an SNL skit or two.

Last night, perhaps for the first time, many people got to see Mitt Romney the intelligent, caring and decisive leader.

His defenses weren’t always supported by facts, nor were his attacks, but neither were the president’s. That’s how this works, although the candidates did pretty well to keep it mostly in the realm of reality.

One of the biggest problems the left had with Romney last night was his evasiveness on his tax plan. They insist that in order to get to the 20% in cuts Romney wants, you have to backfill $5 trillion.

Obama says Mitt Romney said he’d cut taxes $5 trillion, only Romney never used the $5 trillion figure, only the left has in an effort to show that closing tax loopholes would be insufficient to cover the costs and raising middle class taxes would be a necessity. Romney and Paul Ryan have said they want to cut taxes, but Romney was unequivocal last night that he would not support a plan that increased the deficit, or that raised taxes.

His plan is based on job growth helping to increase revenues. The fact that the left doesn’t believe this is reality, as Obama mentioned ‘it’s math,’ but as our soon-to-be-former President is so fond of saying, if we use Clinton as an example, we’ve seen it work.

Clinton lowered capital gains taxes and actually increased revenues because more people were investing. The heart of the Romney plan is to lower taxes as a job-creating incentive. The more people you have working, the more people are paying taxes. Republicans have never said you can go on by simply cutting departments and government spending.

Conservatives want to raise revenues by putting people back to work.

Furthermore, the lack of specifics in some of Romney’s plans are actually intentional as the Governor and Paul Ryan have stated on numerous occasions. Why? Because they want to create a plan with bi-partisan support.

They want to involve Congress, both the House and the Senate because that’s how you make policy, at least good policy. When you create something out of nothing in terms of having support for it, you are saddled with onerous burdens on the tax payers.

You’ve heard of ObamaCare?

Mitt Romney was better last night than his campaign has been and Obama was worse. Is it an aberration or a trend? There are plenty of votes still out there to get as the Wall Street Journal explains. If last night is any indication, Mitt Romney is serious about getting them.

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