America’s very identity at stake in Presidential election

Sometimes, an idea so basic and so simple, can be the truth which is the hardest to see. We know Barack Obama is bad for America, that his desire to fundamentally alter what it means to be America has dire consequences for those of us who believe in the founding principles of this great nation.

Obama has taken to conjuring images of the American Dream, when in reality, Barack Obama wants to destroy the American Dream and replace it with his own version of that dream (from his father no doubt).

A recent blog written as a libertarian’s case for Mitt Romney brings to bear this startling and troubling reality with a seemingly obvious case study.

France has had two republics, just since the end of the Second World War. Take away the kings, you still have France. Take away the emperor, and France is still there. Put in a president, and the French are still French.

In just the last hundred years, Germany has had a kaiser, a republic, a Nazi dictatorship, two Germanys (one drearily Communist), and now a unified Federal Republic. Through it all, the Germans remained German because they’re German.

Most nation-states are built on a common culture, language, and ethnicity. This gives them a simple, hardy core of commonality, from which cohesion emerges naturally. Governments, entire political systems, may come and go, but the people are always there.

America has none of those things.

America is an idea, and an ideal. Take away that idea, crush it under the weight of a failure unprecedented in its scale and scope… and what’s left?


Part of the reason Libertarianism appeals to some people is because there’s a purity to it. To be a Democrat or a Republican, there’s a certain amount of cognitive dissonance, even flat out hypocrisy in the ideology, that some people can’t stomach it.

There’s nothing pure about the appeal of Mitt Romney. He’s not a great conservative nor is he a mainstream Republican. He used to be a moderate, support gay marriage and abortion, but doesn’t anymore.

What is Mitt Romney? I’m not sure.

But Barack Obama is a pure anti-American progressive. Burgeoning government spending, purposeful government take-overs of private industry, corporate welfare and the expansion of the welfare state to the huddled masses by creating more huddled masses.

It is the antithesis of the founding principles of this country.

Heading further down the path of Obama progressivism is to undermine the very basic tenants of what it means to be an American. It it a deconstruction of America itself and that’s not hyperbole.

America is the only country defined by its ideals rather than its culture or its people as the above passage points out. Without those ideals, we are left with a statist society so antithetical to what was originally created as to be unrecognizable.

That is the wager we have in November: keep America, or watch it come crumbling down.

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