The legacy of Barack Obama’s foreign policy moving from bad to worse

The Weekly Standard called it an ‘unraveling.’ For most people, this administration’s position on the attacks in Libya has always been incoherent.

We knew it had nothing to do with some random YouTube video, and much more to do with the anniversary of September 11.

President Obama, Sec. Clinton and Jay Carney all insisted that these attacks were not pre-meditated, which would be great if CBS News, the Libyan President and even Congressional Democrats didn’t disagree.

I tweeted earlier today that either our government is incompetent or lying to us, or both. The ‘all of the above’ approach seems to make the most sense.

Don’t expect the mainstream media to point any of this out, at least rip the President for deliberately misleading the American public in favor of placating Islamic Extremists (And don’t even start with his ‘future doesn’t belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam’ remark).

Calling Barack Obama’s foreign policy a dumpster fire would be rude to people like Oscar the Grouch. It’s been worse.

An unmitigated disaster is more like it.

Executive orders to go into countries where we have no dog in the fight. Drone attacks, killing women, children and teenagers.

A psychotic dictator in the Middle East, building a nuclear arsenal and threatening to wipe Israel off the map, and our president wants to have tea with him.

Even Piers Morgan thought it was absurd that he’d met with more world leaders this week than our president.

National Security and foreign policy were part of Obama’s convention strategy. He thought it was something he could win with.

Suddenly, his poll numbers are in a free-fall on foreign policy and at some point – whenever he takes questions from White House press that isn’t related the NFL – the media will have no choice but to ask him about the utter failure to protect American interests abroad.

This isn’t about Obama the candidate and how it can win or lose him an election.

This is about you and me as citizens and the future of our country if Barack Obama remains in power as an apologist for American ideals, and worse, an apologist for religious extremism abroad.

Skipped intel briefings to be on The View and David Letterman, while purposefully misleading this nation.

That can’t be the kind of president we have.

You can fault Mitt Romney for a lot of things, but one thing is certain, he wouldn’t be caught dead acting the way President Obama has the last 6 months.

That’s the kind of president we need.

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