Romney’s campaign must focus in, swing harder at president

I don’t spent three hours of my day on the radio or television talking politics, so I haven’t had to ferret out every detail of the 2012 Presidential Race.

As a result, I’ve spent most of my time defending Mitt Romney and the Republican party from the specious attacks from the Democrats and their accomplices in the mainstream media.

In no way should that signify my unyielding support for this Republican nominee.

I think he’d be better than our current president, but Yosemite Sam would be better than our current president, so that doesn’t say much.

Perhaps more importantly, I believe it’s important that Mitt Romney succeeds in unseating the current Czar of America and he’s had every chance to do it.

I don’t need to tell you how bad Obama’s approval ratings are, or how much better people believe Mitt Romney would be for our economy.

You still have to go out and execute a campaign and in an election so ripe for the taking, and furthermore so paramount that it actually be taken, Mitt Romney and his campaign has, so far, failed.

Luckily for him and for this country, there’s time to turn the campaign around with a margin close enough to close in the next month.

It starts with plans like this from the former Massachusetts Governor. A break from U.S. policy, a substantive plan with incentives to help people help themselves. And, in a sublime moment of lucidity from a politician, it’s not free money.

They even came up with a clever and memorable title for the plan, “Aid and trade.”

Beyond making complete sense, it kills two birds with one political stone: hit Obama on foreign policy and the economy.

In 2012, we’ll spent $53 billion in foreign aid, which is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount we spent on our military, but the reality is this is just wasted money if it isn’t targeted correctly.

For instance, we send foreign aid dollars to countries with whom we compete, like China.

While the American auto industry failed, China, despite a heinous human rights history and a burgeoning economy, was doing just fine and taking U.S. dollars to boot.

This is an issue Mitt can win with and he needs to hit harder. He needs to present ideas, true alternatives, not just ideological ones.

He picked Paul Ryan to win ideologues, but he’s running against the master of demagoguery. President Obama has no plan. Mitt Romney is giving away his plan in pieces.

These little jabs are landing, but he needs to start throwing right crosses because we know come November, if Romney hasn’t knocked Obama out, the refs aren’t going to score a fair fight.

It’s time for Mitt to land body blows and do it in a hurry because this election is eminently winnable and exceedingly important.

Romney can do it, but he has to start throwing hay-makers.

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