Obama’s lies about Middle East are seen by American people

We expect politicians to lie to us, or at least manipulate us.

The ominous music and menacing voice in the campaign ads running during your favorite show could be telling you anything and it would sound like your life depended on voting a certain way.

Barack Obama, though, has taken lying to a level not seen since…well probably the last liberal we had in the White House.

Unfortunately for the average person, the mainstream media has no interest in holding the president accountable for his lies, half-truths and distortions.

Take, for instance, the cost of Obama’s regulatory policy, something liberals insist doesn’t hurt business as much as conservatives say it does.

Except a recent, independent study, found that the cost of Obama’s regulations and particularly ObamaCare, will cost 20 times more than the president said.

Nearly $2 trillion on costs annually from a president who thinks the private sector is ‘doing just fine’ so why don’t we spend more as a government to try and change that?

But this is complicated. The cost of regulations on the taxpayer. Unless they’re direct costs incurred by the citizen, it can be hard to explain this regulatory cost to someone.

So, how about a lie that seems to have been recognized by the American people?

While foreign policy had been a strong point for soon-to-be-former President Obama, recently, his policies have come under attack.

Being an appeaser is fine in peacetime.

When you have a slaughtered U.S. Ambassador and none of the undeveloped world seems particularly afraid of retaliation or at least protection, being a pacifist and an Islamic apologist doesn’t play well with your country.

The President and his mouthpieces, made it seem as if the attacks on Libya were just a protest gone astray. A violent lashing out against a country who happened to be the place where an anti-Muslim video had been created.

Right away, most people rejected this idea, understanding that the evidence suggested otherwise. The date these attacks happened could not have been a coincidence.

A Homeland Security officer specifically called this a terrorist attack, but said there was no evidence it was planned.

That would be fine if a Libyan militiaman hadn’t warned the U.S. of an impending attack. Now, we’re learning Ambassador Stevens was worried about his own safety, believing he was on an al-Queda hitlist.

Either Barack Obama knew and purposely lied about it, or he didn’t know and should have. Perhaps more meetings with senior military personnel and fewer with David Letterman.

It’s a reality that the American people have recognized: Barack Obama has failed when it comes to protecting this country’s interests abroad.

Since August, Obama’s foreign policy approval ratings have fallen 5%, and a whopping 12% among independents.

The great lie that is Barack Obama is being exposed. Hopefully, enough people will figure it out by the first week in November.

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2 thoughts on “Obama’s lies about Middle East are seen by American people

  1. ftcannonball says:

    “We expect politicians to lie to us, or at least manipulate us.” Do we? You seem to imply this is acceptable, just not when a democrat does it. I’m not here to defend the dems, they don’t deserve it. I’m just saying why is that acceptable? I refuse to find that OK.

    • youngright says:

      I never said it was OK. I just said we expect it, or at least we should by now. They’ve been doing it for as long as politics has existed. The difference for conservatives, is that when the right lies, the media is all over them about it. When the left lies, the media bends over backward to defend the lie and even perpetuate it

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