Attitude Reflects Leadership: Obama’s failure to hold extremists accountable creates dangerous environment

It says something about our leadership that a murderous and violent response to a private citizen’s free speech actually yields an apology from the United States Government.

Four Americans are dead, killed at the hands of Islamic extremists, and our country literally apologized for a YouTube video.

If the government is going to get in the habit of apologizing for every offensive exercise of free speech, it won’t have much time to, you know, govern (But if it’s going to apologize, start with every show on Bravo named “Real Housewives of,”).

The anti-Islamophobes have become so militant that an act of violence is an acceptable response to religious satire.

I won’t sympathize with the hate-filled Florida pastor who created the video in question, but as Voltaire said, I’ll defend to the death his right to say whatever he wants.

It occurs to me that the best way to protest a satire about violent extremism, probably isn’t with violent extremism, and for the United States to apologize for the act which incited it, weakens our standing with those who would do our country harm.

George W. Bush is famous for saying that in the days after September 11 (remember these attacks happened on the anniversary of the one of the darkest days in world history), in every decision he made, he weighed how it would affect the men and women he ordered be put in harms way around the world.

Our president seems to have no interest in protecting our men and women abroad. In fact, his Secretary of State doubled down on the apologies.

It wasn’t until after Mitt Romney blasted the president and his administration for the attacks in Libya and Egypt that the president came out with a statement of any kind.

Without wanting to over-politicize this issue, there has to be concerns about the pernicious effects of American inaction abroad.

Mitt Romney has been highly criticized for his failure to mention the troops in his convention speech. I’m waiting to hear from the media about President Obama’s silence on the Syrian civil war. Or the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

This administration has gone out of its way to tacitly consent to heinous acts, seemingly as a way of apologizing to “the world” for America’s close-mindedness.

Remember that General George Casey’s first response to the Islamic extremist who perpetrated the worst military shooting in U.S. history at Ft. Hood was that he hoped it didn’t hurt “our diversity.”

Even the response this morning from President Obama was nothing along the lines of Bush’s to the attacks of September 11. I don’t want to conflate the two acts as obviously 9/11 was significantly more horrific and serious in nature, but killing a U.S. Ambassador is an act of war and and act of terrorism.

The response had to be that this was an unacceptable step taken by extremists and this sort of violence will not be tolerated around the world.

Our president has shown no interest in taking hard lines on any foreign policy matter, including Iran’s imminent threat to Israel’s security or the wildly anti-American protests/riots around the world in the last year and a half.

This is while news came out yesterday that President Obama, after his party booed God and Israel, will not meet with Israeli leaders when they’re in the U.S. Leadership?

Americans were held hostage in Iran for over a year and literally on the day Ronald Reagan took office, they were released. That was not a coincidence.

When Candidate Obama talked about restoring America’s place in the world, what most of us assumed he meant was restoring it to the place where Ronald Reagan left it. A place where America was truly the leader of the free world and fought with everything it had for that freedom.

It was somewhat heartening to hear the words in Romney’s RNC speech where he said he wanted a military so strong that no one in the world “dare test it.”

That was the strength of America under leaders who showed, through both actions and words, that violence against America and against freedom would never be tolerated.

This administration has shown no willingness to do that. Condi Rice was right when she said the world is a safer place when America is leading the way. Unfortunately Rice is also right in saying that America cannot lead from behind.

Obama has been behind on foreign policy since before he took office. His latest apologist stance is yet another example of why.

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