Unions pledge allegiance to the left

The left loves “choices,” unless you don’t want to makes choices they like.

It’s a platform as old as the party itself and we see it born out in the Democratic bowing to union power.

For most of the last century, the union’s influence on politics has been mostly implicit to the mainstream population. We knew it was happening, but we didn’t really see it.

Lately, though, the veil of secrecy has been lifted the left has openly embraced their union masters. Unions across the country pumped money in the Wisconsin recall race when Scott Walker dismantled collective bargaining for public employees (saving the state billions).

Even avowed lefty Rahm Emmanuel, upon leaving the Obama administration and becoming mayor of Chicago, took aim at union power for one simple reason: the city couldn’t afford to pay for it.

Today, it comes out that the teachers will strike (it’s all about the kids right?), saying they’ve been bullied. The only problem is the district offered 16% raises over four years and an improved benefit package. You aren’t getting a big enough raise at a time when NO ONE is getting raises and you’re getting bullied? The gumption it takes to say that belies how incredibly out of touch such a statement is.

Unfortunately, it’s that kind of logic which has driven the political discussion in Washington, thanks to our president adopting similar policies from the White House.

Mitt Romney has, for his part, played the Chicago Public School scenario perfectly from a political standpoint. By backing Obama’s former Chief of Staff against the union, Romney has forced Obama to make an anti-union stand and risk alienating his donors, or back the unions and risk looking like a union servant, not to mention the guy who supports 400,000 not being in school. 

In fact, the New York Times even went so far as to frame the election as unions vs. corporations in terms of how each side is being financed.

(Apparently Bill Maher and the liberal media elitist making million dollar contributions to the Obama campaign isn’t as newsworthy or relevant)

Unions even had the audacity to complain (Mother Jones referred to them as “getting the shaft”) that they weren’t “consulted” regarding the Democratic National Convention, specifically that it would be in North Carolina, a “right to work” state.

A classic lefty hypocrisy: you get to choose, unless we don’t like your choices.

Pro-unionistas will tell you that a union is the most democratic way to fight “the establishment.”

That is if you want to have no choice as to whether you join it, no choice on how much it costs, no choice on where that money goes or what political candidates that money funds, or no choice as to whether or not your bargainers bankrupt the local government, school district, or business for whom the union works.

Unions worked really well when we had no government restrictions about the work week, working conditions, break times, and myriad other rights we now enjoy thanks to the organized labor movement.

Wisconsin, who dismantled collective bargaining for public employees, was a leader in creating those rights and ultimately it bankrupted the state.

States around the country are fighting similar battles.

When you have a union in Milwaukee for instance, more concerned with holding the line on salary and benefits than worried about hundreds of teachers being laid off, how can you argue that is a democratic system?

I bet if you let those teachers vote, they would choose overwhelmingly to take small cuts in order to protect the jobs of their friends and colleagues.

The so-called “democracy” practiced by unions is much closer to fascism, with the illusion of democracy. No wonder they’ve so closely aligned themselves with the left.

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