Obfuscator in Chief: With no record to run on, Obama forced to divert attention

After Clint Eastwood gave an eccentric, hilarious and potentially senile speech (performance art?) at the RNC, much of the response went something like, “WTF?”

Watching our soon-to-be-former President last night, I came away with a similar feeling.

In his speech, President Obama said…what exactly?

Your guess is as good as mine. He didn’t talk about the stimulus package or Obamacare, the two supposed cornerstones of his presidency.

He did mention his own record on jobs, though using mostly inaccurate, misleading, or demonstrably false claims while doing so.

The recovery has created about half as many net jobs as the Obfuscator in Chief claimed and as Hot Air points out, it certainly wasn’t enough to keep up with population growth, leading us to 43 straight months of 8% or higher unemployment.

Employment as of August 2012 is 142.101 million, an increase of 2.098 million in 39 months.  That works out to an average monthly growth of just 53,795 jobs per month, far below the 125K-150K level needed to keep up with population growth. 

Much like he’s done with the deficit numbers – where he claimed we were saving money by using war dollars to pay for nation-building, when really he’s borrowing in both cases i.e. not saving any – Obama has turned to a slight of hand.

Look over here, now over here.

He’s been doing it for months. When the job numbers are bad, leak a story about Romney being a bully 40 years ago. Fast and Furious scandal hits hard, come out with immigration mandate.

Slipping in the polls? Now he’s favor of gay marriage.

He, his leftist partners and the accomplices in the media have helped build a protective shell around him where no problem, no matter how serious, won’t stick.

Obama claimed last night he would help create 1 million new manufacturer jobs, but never says how he plans to do it. For Obama, the “how” is particularly important considering his policies to this point have caused 500,000 in job losses from the manufacturing industry.

Today’s job reports were again dismal, and as I’ve said so many times, I wouldn’t harp on the president so much for his failed economic policies if he didn’t keep promising to make a difference.

Presidents always get too much credit for the fat times, and too much blame for the lean ones. But this is a president who has overpromised and underdelivered in every conceivable way about the economy.

He promised to get unemployment to 5.5% percent and we still sit at 8%. He promised the stimulus would keep unemployment from rising and it didn’t. He promise investment in green infrastructure and energy independence would keep energy prices down and oil prices were hitting historic highs this summer.

His auto-bailout is a sham, with billions on loans still owed to the government and GM struggling to make ends meet. The president bailed out auto-worker pensions and it caused thousands in job losses to companies like Delphi.

Obama said his massive and unpopular health care takeover would make health care more affordable and accessible for everything. In reality, 30 million Americans will remain uninsured, costs have already risen and are expected to skyrocket once the ACA takes full effect. Not to mention, in comes with the biggest tax increase on the middle class in American history.

But, of course, President Obama never says these things, because why would he? If you already know, you won’t believe the tripe he spews, no matter how charismatic and eloquent he is. And if you don’t know, but find out, then he’s in serious trouble.

I don’t blame him for twisting the facts and leaving out the truth. He’s trying to keep his job. It wouldn’t be what I do, but I would never have spent two trillion combined dollars on a stimulus package that failed and a health care system that will never work.

But I do blame him for his habitual failures to deliver on his promises and his utter lack of leadership in the face of the worst economic crisis in a century.

His legacy is simple: he was always better at making you think things were fine, than actually making sure that they were.

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