The great sham of Clinton as an Obama supporter

The Democratic party spent two days lecturing America (and the GOP) about morals, then lauded the keynote address of a man famous for not having any.

Through two days of the Democratic National Convention, the main theme has been that women are represented only by their uterus. Furthermore, despite their insistence about being the political moral compass, the Democratic party is the party of abortion.

Speaker after speaker shouted that faith and love were on the side of the Democrats, yet the delegation voted (three times) to remove God from its platform and the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

But let’s circle back to the Dem’s biggest rock star: Bill Clinton. He’s the only Democratic president other than FDR to be re-elected in this century.

He presided over the largest non war-time expansion of our economy in history and turned a deficit into a surplus. During Clinton’s term, welfare was reformed, the budget was balanced and bi-partisanship was en vogue.

It’s ironic to see that man endorse a president who has done the exact opposite during his term in office.

Let’s take a closer look at why Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are nothing alike.

First, and perhaps least importantly, Clinton, unlike Obama, was effective at reaching minority citizens and connecting not only with his words, but his actions.

The labor market for African-Americans under Obama is the worst in a quarter century. Jim Crow thinks this is a bad economy for black people.

Under Clinton, unemployment fell under 4%. Obama has seen unemployment peak in the double digits and currently, it sits at nearly 9%.

More people than at any time in history are on food stamps and 23 million people are unemployed. Is that all Barack Obama’s fault? No.

Was the boom all President Clinton’s boon? Of course not.

On the other hand, Clinton’s budget was balanced, whereas Obama has run up $5 trillion in new deficits.

Al Franken, among others, last night spoke about wanting to return to Clinton-era tax policies. The fact is, that simply isn’t true. The Dems want taxes much higher, while doing nothing to foster business growth i.e. a tax hike in the midst of a recession – and don’t give me this “recovery” bullshit nonsense because wages have fallen and income inequality has grown since the “recovery” start.

Clinton strengthened welfare by adding work requirements (that is, after he vetoed it twice). Barack Obama has weakened them, no matter what the left says.

Look, presidents are like quarterbacks in football: they get too much credit when the team wins and too much blame when the team loses.

Clinton moved to the center after his leftist policies failed to pass muster with Congress. Barack Obama moved further to the left and insisted the party move with him.

Slick Willy understood that it was better to get some policy, any policy, even a Republican policy, than get no policy at all. Mr. Obama would rather cut off his nose to spite his face. In the debt-ceiling debate for instance, the House passed a resolution to deal with the debt whereas the Senate and President Obama did nothing.

Who was the party standing in the way of change?

Clinton is one of the greatest politicians in modern American history ( I didn’t say he had the best policies, just that he was a great politician). Furthermore, he was one of the best leaders because he understood how to coalesce both sides.

Barack Obama is neither, and make no mistake, that hug they shared last night had nothing to do with mutual respect.

In fact, Bill Clinton has never liked Barack Obama and vice versa.

The left’s answers to Barack Obama’s massive failures are, “Hey look, we know our new guy sucks, but you loved our old guy.”

But Barack Obama doesn’t want to return to Clinton-era successes. Obama’s plan would raise taxes higher than any president in history, particularly when you include the middle class penalties under ObamaCare.

There are no incentives for innovation or growth that helped spur the tech boom under Clinton (who actually lowered the corporate tax rate and raised revenues).

Remember, it was Clinton’s administration who signed the mortgage incentives that caused the housing bubble in the first place, so it isn’t as if Clinton is blameless in our current economic downturn, but of course, no one will talk about that.

The left has conveniently forgotten that Clinton had a Republican Congress who presided over one of the busiest periods of legislative reform since the New Deal, while also conveniently forgetting that Barack Obama had a Democratic majority in Congress for the first two years of his presidency and failed to pass a single successful piece of economic policy.

What’s more, as this Gawker article points out, Clinton’s second term was not nearly as effective as his first and the tech boom burst less than a year before he left office.

We thought, in 2008, if nothing else Barack Obama had a chance to unite us the way Clinton did. To work with both sides of the aisle and try to find a way to come together and affect change.

What we got was a cacophony of rhetoric and pernicious attacks on the Republicans, without ever taking responsibility for the failures of an administration so incapable of living up to its own self-designs.

Bill Clinton knew better because he knew how to play the game. Obama’s gamesmanship, or lack thereof, has cost this country trillions of dollars and millions of jobs.

It’s a cost this country simply can no longer afford.

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