MSNBC: The racial watch dogs and whistle blowers

When Barack Obama was elected president, the race relations in this country were apparently supposed to magically improve, based solely on the color of Obama’s skin (ironic, I know).

Of course, they didn’t, and in many ways, the divisions among race have grown even more stark thanks to the president’s own policies and rhetoric.

But, as we know, the lefties in the media who worship at the altar of Obama, will blame the GOP for our racial problems, creating strawmen to conveniently knock down.

Someone needs to explain to the left the difference between correlation and causation, and then maybe insist they take a Politics 101 class.

Rachel Maddow, the queen of strawman Republican bashing (the problem is she sounds so eloquent and smart, that you forget she’s completely and utterly full of shit…she should be a politician), took MSNBC’s position as GOP attack dog to the next level, insisting Mitt Romney is running intentionally against minority voters in an attempt to win the support of white voters.

Here’s how Maddow and the left’s argument goes: If you run ads about welfare and entitlement spending, you must be playing into white voter’s racist subconscious.

This is a red herring, not to mention not based on any reality, given that more white people are on the government dole than minorities, but let’s not get bogged down with facts.

Noah Rothman, a columnist for Mediaite who either reads this blog, or reads my mind (or perhaps both), addressed MSNBC’s obvious race-baiting in a column yesterday following yet another segment devoted to the “racist” nature of the GOP campaign.

He went so far as to say one particular segment devolved in self-parody after democratic strategist Karen Finny insisted that despite the facts about welfare, most people associated black people with welfare.

“So, if you didn’t know that, then shame on you. If you did know that, then shame on you,” she said.

Rothman’s critique is both biting and salient:

So, progressive analysts can have it both ways. The American people are either far too removed or disinterested to know the facts about welfare recipients, so Republican attacks on welfare can be racially coded even if they’re not. It would be laughable if it were not so depressing.

Rothman goes on to mention a phrase coined by the left about “dog whistle” campaigning, a somewhat ironic term given the way dogs have long been involved with race relations.

The image invokes one of a coded message, meant only for some ears. It’s laughable at best.

Just because Mitt Romney does well with white voters and not so well with black voters doesn’t make the campaign racist. It means it’s a campaign.

Barack Obama has support in the 90s in terms of percentage of minorities. Is he running a racist campaign? No. He’s galvanizing his base.

There’s absolutely no actual evidence that the GOP’s strategy is racist. In fact, the more compelling evidence is that it’s Obama himself running the dividing campaign.

Think of how he’s portrayed Mitt Romney: as the rich white guy.

By the left’s own logic, these ads are targeted at minorities since minorities are disproportionately represented in the poor population in America.

Class warfare is inherently racially motivated for this very reason. The GOP is not fighting that fight, but rather focusing on the economy and actually changing the circumstances of people.

It’s unconscionable to me that a party associated with a president who has helped create the worst labor conditions for minorities in half a century are blaming the other party for playing race games.

It’s the Obama campaign using scare tactics, lying their way to try and court the seniors vote. Wow, the left must be ageist.

These claims are utterly ridiculous and there’s no evidence to support them, but if we say it enough, maybe it will make it true.

What I find truly abhorrent about these race-baiting claims is that it implies white people, in some large numbers, are racist, and specifically, more racist than other people.

In order for the left’s trumped up claims to be true, there’d have to be a large section of the white voting population with strong conscious or sub-conscious racial feelings.

Where’s the evidence to support that?

There is no evidence, but the left’s best approach is to scream enough inflammatory, incendiary, and patently false claims and hope a few of them sink in with the American people.

Having MSNBC as its accomplice certainly doesn’t hurt.

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