Leftists using sensaltionalism to trump up GOP rape comments

I love it when lefty’s cry about media bias.

It’s like Colonel Sanders complaining there are no healthy places to eat when you’re in a hurry.

A HuffPo article decrying the “mainstream media,” (when did HuffPo leave the mainstream by the way?) was widely distributed on social media, another irony considering the cry for media attention actually got media attention.

What Paul Slansky was upset over was Paul Ryan saying he didn’t support abortion in the case of rape because rape was just another form of conception.

Here’s what Paul Ryan absolutely was NOT saying, “When it comes to making babies, rape is a fine way to do it.”

But that’s what Slansky seems to imply.

Paul Ryan and his pro-life compatriots, do not believe rape is acceptable or that a pregnant rape victim is fine.

What they are driving at is that conception is conception, no matter how it happens. Saving a life is saving a life and that’s the way they look at it.

In other words, Ryan is saying, “It doesn’t matter how it happened, you never have the right to end the life of your unborn child.”

To be sure, he puts it in stark terms by bringing it up in the context of rape. There’s an automatic reflex to the inflammatory nature inevitable in any discussion surrounding rape and abortion.

But let’s call this what it is and what it isn’t.

Paul Ryan does not believe that rape is a “legitimate” form of conception, and certainly not a preferable one. He believes rape can result in conception which, in itself, may be why the mainstream media ignored it because it’s so starkly different from the most recent rape/conception controversy.

In fact, Ryan’s claims show how firm and consistent his pro-life stance is. His belief in the sanctity of every life is something shared by millions of Americans, particularly the 50% of Americans who are pro-life (vs. just 41% who identify as pro-choice).

Ryan’s belief is hardly off the mainstream and when taken in context, is, in fact, perfectly rational.

You don’t have to agree with it. Certainly, plenty of believers don’t.

But a headline that implies Paul Ryan’s comments are somehow worse than the infamous Akin gaffe to the point he should be off the ticket? Are we serious?

Is that where we are in American politics, that every comment from a side you disagree with will be taken out of context and broken down reductio ad absurdum to the point that its original idea is completely unrecognizable?

Does every comment have to be the end of the ticket as we know it?

I’m half expecting to see a headline on Jezebel.com tomorrow “Paul Ryan says something we disagree with, Democracy officially dies.”

A Mediate columnist did almost the exact same thing in skewering a PA Republican candidate for his comments on rape and abortion.

The politician, Tom Smith, initially appeared to equate his daughter having a child out of wedlock with being raped, then insisted they’re not the same, but similar.

Of course, the columnist lost his shit mind about it, but what Smith was attempting to say was that he’d gone through a situation where some people believe abortion is acceptable. In this case, a child out of wedlock.

What he’s doing is attempting to undercut the typical pro-choice argument about not knowing what you’d do until your daughter was pregnant.

Smith is basically saying, “Look, my daughter had an unplanned pregnancy and she chose to keep it.”

No, it’s not the same as rape and Smith was trying to make that clear, but because the left is utterly incapable of having a rational discussion about abortion, all the columnist hears is “rape” and “abortion” in the same context and automatically assumes he knows everything about any Republican’s position on such a topic.

Then, Mitt Romney comes out and offers a position that is basically the mainstream position on abortion, that it should be legal in cases of rape and incest, and you heard how much about it?




NO coverage.

The media is too busy sensationalizing the words of other Republicans and attempting to paint Romney as the leader of a band of ignorant, slack-jawed, yokels.

It’s a position Romney will have to reiterate over and over I’m sure, which means these controversies may actually play to his favor.

If Romney can seem like a moderate compared to the rest of the GOP (even Paul Ryan on his own ticket) he may seem more appealing to independents and the so-called Reagan Democrats.

That is, of course, if the media decides to tell you about any of it.

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3 thoughts on “Leftists using sensaltionalism to trump up GOP rape comments

  1. ftcannonball says:

    Isn’t there enough blame to go around? My position is that this whole debate is an intentional distraction from the real issues at hand: fixing the economy, creating jobs and keeping those tricky fucks at the Federal reserve in check. I would wager that the GOP is in collusion with the Dems to keep the debate off topic for as long as possible. Is that a logical suspicion for me to have?

    • youngright says:

      I’m not sure that’s a reasonable suspicion, mostly because I don’t think the GOP WANTS this discussion to be taking place. They don’t want an election about abortion, they want it on the economy.

      How does the Republican ticket benefit from having a discussion about abortion, when they’re winning on the economy in every poll?

      That’s what the GOP wants to put forward, it’s the left running interference and subterfuge to try and distract from the real issues.

      So, to answer your question, no I don’t think there’s collusion between the parties, although I do think there’s a collusion among the left to try and bring up as many side issues as possible and frankly, it’s working because the media is complicit in making mountains out of these political mole hills

  2. ftcannonball says:

    Well, not all of my suspicions are reasonable. This is true. I do agree with you about the media making a field day out of comments I considered crass (Mr. Akins comments), but not terribly important in the big picture. I hope the media refocuses back to more timely and relevant things, asking tough questions of everyone. Clearly the media doesn’t represent us that well. Otherwise there wouldn’t be all these people on wordpress doing their own reporting!

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