Media accountability double standard as stark as ever

When I took journalism classes in college (at one of the most prestigious j-schools in the country for what it’s worth), we were told how important the media was to the democratic process.

And it’s true, the media is vital.

ABC’s Jake Tapper recently admitted that the media tipped the scales in favor of Obama in 2008, re-enforcing what was pretty clear to anyone paying even a modicum of attention (and confirming what the documentary Media Malpractice had covered extensively).

Recently, the New York Times (!) had an article about how media companies, including News Corp., had tilted their money heavily in favor of our president, putting to rest some of the “Republicans are the party of business” talk as well as underscoring the liberal media bias

So when Mediaite comes out with a list of promises on which the Democrat party failed to follow-through, it’s a surprising moment of accountability.

Mediaite looked specifically at policies of national security, noting that the Obama administration essentially extended all of the Bush-era dogmas, despite insisting they would do the exact opposite.

Imagine if this had been President Bush or any Republican. The media would probably have **gasp** done its job and asked why the hell the GOP lied to our faces.

This is where you’d want the media to demand someone answer a question about this. You’d want a reporter to stick a microphone in the president’s face and say, “Mr. President, your party said you’d make these changes in the name of civil liberties, but essentially you’ve doubled down on President Bush’s policies. What happened?”

Part of the problem is the president hasn’t had a press conference in months, apparently being too busy with Entertainment Tonight fluff interviews and visits to The View.

This president has constantly and habitually shirked the accountability of his administration, choosing instead only to laud his own accomplishments, to the point that ex-military started a PAC to decry the president’s over the top masturbatory praise of the Osama bin Laden killing. Or more specifically, Obama’s roll in the operation (minimal at best).

On the other hand, when the White House press corp. has had a chance with the President, they have failed to gain any traction with their questions, while in other cases, simply been derelict in their duty as journalists to hold the left accountable for their failures.

We all know the narrative around ObamaCare and the contraceptive mandate. They’re simple and relatively easy.

Most of the American people have forgotten we’re at war, that we still have thousands of young men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan despite the president throwing his own “Mission Accomplished” party.

When President Bush had his version, it was met with universal media scrutiny and chastising. This president declares the war in Iraq over (the only essential difference being the number of troops still in Iraq, the active war had long been over in both cases), and he’s a damn hero.

It’s hard to understand just why the media continually gives the president a pass, but they have. Lately, some journalists have become a little testy with this administrations failure to answer tough questions, highlighted by the tap dance Robert Gates did around Harry Reid’s tax return allegations.

No, the war is not a winner in the ratings anymore. But accountability is and people both want and demand it.

Unfortunately, the profession that I choose has failed to live up to that standard and furthermore failed to live up to its own democratic responsibilities.


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