GOP fighting uphill battle against Obama, Left on Entitlements

President Obama and the left are in the enviable position of having the proverbial high ground in this presidential race.

They’re already sitting on the mountain top and it’s up to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to knock them off.

For this campaign, that means the Obama administration doesn’t have to come up with better ideas with the Romney/Ryan ticket, just show that the ideas the GOP have are scary and bad (even if it means lying their ass off).

Grace Marie-Turner, a contributor to the National Review Online and a member of the Galen Institute, doesn’t see this as a satisfactory outcome for an election.

The headline of her article says it all: “Stop demonizing Ryan and get something done.”

This is, of course, an oversimplification of the facts because the Obama administration doesn’t have to get anything done.

Medicare is solvent until after Obama leaves office (although not by much), and the left insists that ObamaCare “fixes” Medicare anyway.

Actually what they claim is that he added years to the life of Medicare, which is like saying “Well, this bridge is definitely going to crumble soon, but we re-enforced the steel beams so it won’t be for a few more years.”

There is no substantive plan from Obama or the left to actually deal with Medicare, but Paul Ryan’s plan (which WOULD save Medicare) is the worst piece of legislation in the history of the world apparently.

In fact, the Obama plan under the ACA, is actually potentially devastating to the medical industry, particularly given the number of people set to enter the system.

Under ObamaCare, the president’s plan to “save” Medicare relies primarily on paying doctors and hospitals less and less to the point that 40% of providers will either go bankrupt or stop seeing Medicare patients, according to Medicare actuaries.

– Grace Marie-Turner

Marie-Turner also points out, there is a $200,000 difference between what the average person pays into Medicare and what they consume.

That difference is eaten up by deficit spending and higher taxes on the next generation.

I wonder if, at the Democratic National Convention, they’ll vote on “kicking the can down the road,” as an official platform.

Yet Paul Ryan, who has insisted on means testing for entitlements and has even altered his plan to allow costs to rise more quickly to meet inflationary needs (inflation that was caused by the impending yolk of ObamaCare), is an evil Republican because he believes people should pay their fair share of this program.

Hmmm….where have I heard that phrase before?

If we don’t pay more, the program dies. That’s the bottom line, but because it’s not going to die tomorrow, or next week, the urgency to get a deal done is lessened and we’re left with demagoguery and partisan bullshit nonsense.

The government’s prescription plan, implemented in 2003 is running at nearly half its original project costs and do you know why?

Because Wal-Mart came out with its generic prescription plans and suddenly everyone had to compete with Wal-Mart. Now, you can get generic drugs basically anywhere and the cost of medicine for everyone, including the government, was reduced.

Ryan’s plan is the same free market approach, while saving a plan that millions of seniors rely on, not to mention the fact that he’s not changing it for anyone entering the Medicare program in the next decade. In other words, grandma and grandpa don’t have to do a quick pivot to figure out how this new system works because it won’t affect them at all.

What Ryan and Romney need to do is attack Obama’s plan under ObamaCare, explaining that under his system, Medicare would end in our lifetime.

Show that he’s just fine with letting someone else figure it out, or just let it expire. After all, the president and his liberal Hollywood elite friends don’t need Medicare.

Paul Ryan’s plan saves Medicare, whereas Barack Obama’s plan doesn’t. It’s that simple. Trying to prove that to the American people, when the left doesn’t have much concern for the “facts” of this case, will prove quite the struggle.

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