A defense against the Specious attacks leveled against Paul Ryan

Media types, Democratic strategists and libs everywhere have rushed to discredit Paul Ryan as being a boon to Mitt Romney.

That is, of course, ignoring the fact that in swing states, having Paul Ryan on the ticket with Romney pulls the presumptive GOP Presidential candidate even with President Obama.

The left’s rather overt attempt to undercut Ryan’s popularity, which has burgeoned over the last 48-72 hours, can only be seen as an act of desperation from a political side failing to connect with the American people.

Gawker really brought the subtly with an article entitled ‘How Paul Ryan Will Screw You.’

It reads as a what’s what in political deception and flat out lies about the practical impacts of Ryan’s budget proposals. The half-truths and leftist spin being put on the Republican budget that passed twice through the House have exploded into full force as the liberal media machine whirs.

It’s important to understand that what is being reported isn’t always true, at least not entirely, or perhaps, in some cases, not practically.

Let’s go through these point by point because the article encapsulates all of the arguments the left will make in an attempt to lie their way into making people believe Paul Ryan is an evil, soul-stealing Republican ideologue.

  • The first and most basic idea is that if you’re poor, Paul Ryan wants to make sure you get screwed.

Ryan wants to reduce the Earned Income Tax Credit for families who make less than $30,000.

Before moving forward let’s remember that that median household income is $45,000 and when you consider 46% of U.S. households pay no federal income tax (I repeat, zero dollars), this means a vast majority of these affected households were paying little to no taxes at all.

So, when Gawker says these households will see a tax increase of about $160, for many of these households, that will mean they will begin to pay taxes at that level.

Also relevant, the people who are more affected by the credit’s reduction are the people at the margins because the people who earn the least, will see a smaller aggregate decrease to their take home pay just based on rates.

Earners in the top 20% will see a tax cut, but those cuts are to spur reinvestment so that we can take an 8% unemployment rate and get it back down to 4% or 5%, something the President erroneously thought he could do in just 3 years.

  • Government worker wages being frozen until 2015 is hardly a controversial issue. States across the country are doing it and there’s no inalienable right to step increases.

Just because you’ve worked somewhere for a year, doesn’t mean you should get paid more. Period.

  • It’s hilariously ironic that liberals are suddenly concerned about veterans and the amount of help they receive when they don’t care about veterans before they become veterans. You know, when they’re actually risking their lives for our freedom, the lefties want to slash defense spending and send our boys to Iraq, Afghanistan and other war zones with outdated or insufficient equipment.

Things get even funnier from here.

  • The student loan bubble, one that economists are sure will be the next bubble to burst, has created a further strain on families who can’t afford their loans and the banks who aren’t getting the money for those loans. On the other hand, interest rates are at historic lows and there are myriad ways to get funding.
    Ryan wants to curtail Pell Grant spending and tighten restrictions, while also repealing loan subsidies.

Here’s the important thing to remember: the reason we have a mortgage crisis is because the government subsidized mortgages and lenders couldn’t help but make loan after loan with people who they knew couldn’t afford to pay back those loans.

Now, despite the fact that even liberals agree the student loan bubble is ripe to burst, they want to perpetuate literally the exact same policies that have lead us to the housing crisis in which we now find ourselves.

Ok, that makes sense.

I want to save the women’s rights and Medicare discussion for another day because each are worth delving into in full.


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