The lies and the lying (lefty) liars who tell them

He’s a rich Mormon politician who refuses to release his tax returns.

If you guessed Harry Reid you were right.

For those of you who were wrong, let’s try again.

He’s an ultra-wealthy politician from Massachusetts, widely considered robotic and boring, but was nonetheless strongly supported as a presidential candidate. He too never released his tax returns.

If you guessed John Kerry, you’d be right again.

Who else would I be talking about?

Here’s what is so great about the left. They throw around spurious accusations, fully understanding their specious nature and know that so long as they’re bombastic enough when the story breaks, the eventual rebuttal will not hit the news cycle nearly as hard as the initial claim.

So for Harry Reid to insist Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes in 10 years, something that is demonstrably false, it sticks in the media.

It allows anchors like Lawrence O’Donnell to question a completely unrelated tax attorney on whether Mitt Romney committed a felony on his returns, although, of course, the tax attorney has literally no idea because he’s not Romney’s attorney.

It doesn’t matter, the claim is out there.

This is the same leftist tactic, with outright consent from the mainstream media, that allows a columnist to codify the validity of a misleading ad with Mitt Romney’s 2004 quote that it was “poppycock” to blame the president for the economy.

Of course, Romney’s defense of Bush in no way applies to President Obama, although both did have to compete with catastrophes in the private sector when it comes to job creation.

The difference, of course, is GDP growth has slowed under President Obama, whereas it was growing under President Bush.

Unemployment was still under 6% and never ballooned to the 10% and higher levels we saw under soon-to-be-former President Obama.

These are all distractions.

As Paul Ryan said on Hannity the other evening, the president can’t run a campaign by saying, “If you liked the last four years, vote for me.”

No one would respond positively to that, not even the most strongly avowed leftists.

It’s impossible to say, with no net job growth in nearly four years, that we are better off as a nation now than we were in January of 2009.

In fact, we are unarguably worse off, having spent trillions and received a negative return on that investment. More people are on food stamps, more people live in poverty and we are 3+ years closer to entitlement spending bankrupting our government.

So, as a result, the left has to attack. Because they don’t have any actual facts to support their own case, they’re making them up to tear down Mitt Romney.

In some ways, it actually speaks to the strength of the conservative candidate. In order to beat him, an incumbent party and president has resorted to outright lies.

Think about how weak an incumbent president has to be that in order to just be tied with his challenger, he has to lie, cheat and steal his way through a campaign.

Luckily for Obama, he has the media as his accomplice in this offensive crime and there’s literally zero accountability, because the only people who could or should hold the left accountable for their lies are the media who simply ride the wave of dishonesty right along with them.

Luckily for Romney, he has the truth on his side and the American people are beginning to see the left for what it truly is: a group of professional liars.

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One thought on “The lies and the lying (lefty) liars who tell them

  1. Null says:

    Nice touch with the Harry Reid and John Kerry comparisons.

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