Obama’s latest half-truth about his “progressive” tax plan

President Obama is really good at not telling the truth without actually lying. To be fair, he’s also an expert fibber, as evidence by flat-out lies about ObamaCare not being a tax (which it clearly is) or any number of other demonstrably false claims the President has made.

What a politician like Obama has learned is if you say one thing, but leave out some important facts, people will infer something that isn’t actually supported by the entirety of the truth.

Obama’s tax plan is a perfect example.

What he’ll say is that the tax cuts on income below $250,000 are a boon for the middle class. Anyone who opposes them are schills for the rich, the kind of class war mongering that has become a staple of the left under Czar President Obama.

But what Obama fails to mention is that that without the Social Security tax break that has been extended the last few years, this tax credit isn’t going to help “the little guy,” but mostly the upper portion of the so-called middle class.

As the Business Insider points out, essentially what this does is give $150 billion and take $120 billion away, according to a federal analysis.

Bruce Kasting described it thusly:

Households in the lower tax brackets will not get much benefit from extending the Bush tax cuts, but they will, on average, see their take home pay reduced by $1,200 a year.

The President’s tax proposal is a half-assed compromise.

In this case a “half-assed compromise” is actually doing the president a favor. It’s an obfuscation of the facts, an intentional one, meant to shield the working class from the truth that this is a political move and would actually screw the lower end of the economic scale.

Furthermore, the influx of new money, a net of only about $30 billion, is hardly enough to stimulate any kind of new spending over the short or long term, making this proposal just another chess piece in the political game Obama is waging with Mitt Romney and the GOP.

Much like it’s the best interest of the Republicans not to pass any laws until the election, it’s equally as advantageous for Obama because he won’t have to deal with any of those pesky facts.

When his stimulus plan failed, he just blamed the GOP for preventing it from being large enough to have an impact. Most people see through that kind of obvious pandering attempt.

 Any policy Obama enacts has the chance to fail. Any policy he proposes, but doesn’t become law, has the luxury of being used by the president to say it would have been the greatest thing since the Declaration of Independence.

 Unfortunately for the Republicans and for people who make less than $250,000, Obama is the best in the game when it comes to telling believable half-truths.

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