Liberal slight of hand with ObamaCare numbers

Liberals are the best.

No seriously.

They continually find ways, and I have to admit, creative ways to spin the numbers to make them look a certain way.

The irony, of course, is that the numbers don’t at all support the intent of their argument, nor do they seem to care at all about what the numbers usually mean.

Or facts in general for that matter.

It’s all about how we feel.

Here’s what I mean.

The GOP, lead by their attack dog Rush Limbaugh, called the ObamaCare tax increase, along with its penalties, the biggest tax increase in the history of the world.

Forget about the fact that they meant total costs on the taxpayers, not just the actual, literal tax increase. Also forget about the fact that over time, government will likely have to raise taxes again to pay for this since Obama’s White House conveniently used six years of cost numbers and 10 years of revenue numbers to put forward this proposal.

Also, please forget that in the next two years, Medicare and Medicaid will be fully bankrupt, as will Social Security and this will all include a massive overhaul. Again.

Now, you’re only forgetting that if you’re a liberal because, in reality (a strange concept for them), these things are inescapably true.

But to the numbers, Mother Jones, and subsequent other liberal media outlets have argued that ObamaCare doesn’t represent the largest tax increase ever.

Then they site that the increase, as a percentage of GDP, is only the largest tax increase in the last 20 years.


So that’s it?

Since Republicans are, based on what are already completely arbitrary numbers based in no part on the actual marketplace, not exactly correct, we’re going to ignore the fact that this does, by their own admission, represent the biggest tax increase in a generation.

The last time taxes were raised this much was 1993 when Bill Clinton raised taxes on upper income earners and pushed corporate taxes to 35%, helping create what is the highest tax rate on corporations in the modern world.

It worked then because the tech boom and housing boom were in full thrust.

You know what that bill did? It extended the Earned Income Tax Credit instituted by Ronald Reagan, a tax break considered to be one of the most beneficial economic stimuli in the last half century.

So let’s recap. The numbers constituting the tax do not, as best as I can tell, include the increasing costs of health care for those already with it, nor did it account for the penalties private citizens will have to pay.

All of that, in spite of the fact that the only reason the Supreme Court ruled the law constitutional is because these penalties are, in fact, taxes.

The accountants at Enron would be proud of this liberal number-spinning.

It’s creative. Genius even.

It doesn’t, of course, actually deal in reality.

Not only will this be the biggest tax increase in history, it comes at one of the slowest periods in American economic history.

Anyone who argues that this won’t be job-killing needs to be taken in for shots, and then probably an economics course, or seven.

Liberals will tout this as a victory for consumers. When it comes to protecting health care users and providing care, it’s a definite win.

When it comes to government spending, increasing costs and taxes on every income constituent, it’s an unmitigated disaster.

But forget that.

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