Pathetic excuse making and straw man beating in Fast and Furious case

Fast and Furious, as a scandal, didn’t make news because conservatives thought Obama was using it as a rouse to tighten gun laws.

This strange conspiracy theory has put the failed gun operation back in the news, but when it broke, everyone was concerned about a lack of institutional control and the utter failure of oversight by the Justice Department.

Congressional Republicans have truly done a disservice to themselves and this story by creating this obvious straw man for liberals to beat up.

Oh, c’mon, liberals will say, this isn’t about tighter gun laws. Obama didn’t have a border patrol agent killed to prove a point about the Second Ammendment. And they’d be right.

Rachel Maddow and Bill Maher took the bait the other night on Maher’s insufferable show.

But that’s all it is: a straw man.

Now, LZ Granderson, another liberal columnist at CNN is basically saying “Don’t ask” when it comes to Fast and Furious.

The headline to his Obama-backing partisan hackery is ‘Don’t be nosy about Fast and Furious.’


So first we beat up the strawman (admittedly created by the GOP), now the argument is that the people don’t have a right to know what went wrong with this process.

What Granderson and the left fail to realize is the curiosity isn’t about the operation itself. We know enough of the details to understand what happened and what the point was. I don’t need the specific details of how they planned to go about it because I understand the inherent risks.

More to the point, they didn’t actually follow through with those protocols. That’s why this all went wrong.

We want to know why it failed. We want to know why there wasn’t a closer eye kept on automatic fucking  weapons when they were handed over to Mexican drug cartels (!)

Granderson digs the hole even deeper arguing that there are much bigger issues we, as a people, ought to demand answers over.

In other words, we screwed up, but let me direct your attention to bigger screw-ups.  Essentially: I’ll see your straw man and raise you a red herring.

Granderson might as well have put #Obama2012 at the top and bottom of his article because it reads like a White House press release.

It’s sad too, because this was an opportunity for Barack Obama and the liberal media machine he conducts to take a small issue and finally be accountable for something. A chance for the media to hold him accountable.

Obama refuses to take accountability over the economy, continuing to blame President Bush for the failures (At what point does Obama own this economy? 4 years? 5?)

The president habitually deflects blame for his foreign policy deficiencies, choosing instead to point out that his major foreign policy win was killing Osama bin Laden, even if we had to piss off one of our few allies in the Middle East to do it.

There is no accountability with this administration, no ability to admit a mistake or fault. It’s that kind of attitude that has this country yearning for a change.

It’s that lack of accountability that could and should ultimately cost Barack Obama his job. If he worked anywhere else and shirked this much blame for his many failures, he’d have been fired a long time ago.

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