It’s OK to be rich, unless you’re a Republican

Mitt Romney’s wealth has been the topic of  discussion more than perhaps any presidential candidate in modern history.

Even Ross Perot, who was famously parodied on Saturday Night Live for constantly speaking about his billions in wealth,  never had the narrative about his candidacy so closely connected to his wealth.

Perot was seen as a feisty third-party candidate with considerable means, but no chance of winning.

Mitt Romney is a mainstream candidate, one of the most famous politicians in the country before he ever thought about running for president.

As I’ve noted numerous times, the double standard about wealth is as caustic as any in the liberal/conservative divide.

It’s an affront to decent society to be a rich conservative, but it’s awesome to be a rich liberal.

John Kerry, when you factor in his wife’s Heinz family fortune, would have been worth billions, but it never made it into the conversation in the 2004 election, mostly because no Republicans really cared.

Conservatives don’t view success as a something worthy of reprehension.

In other words, good for John Kerry for being born into a wealthy family and for marrying into an even wealthier one.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

Then there’s Mitt Romney, a man who was born into a family of means, but who worked his way through Harvard Law and Medical schools simultaneously before making his fortune in the private sector.

He’s a philanthropist, donating millions to charity every year, and while he does have multiple homes and a slew of cars, his dedication to public service underscores his desire to represent something more than just being rich.

What becomes laughable is when someone like Jon Stewart, or any other liberal media lap dog, attacks Romney’s success.

As the Daily Caller notes,  Stewart makes about $15 million a year, more than 300 times the median American salary.

He recently flashed outrage over Romney’s success, apparently appalled that Romney makes a reported $57,000 a day.

Stewart, by comparison makes $41,000 a day.

In other words, he could live two fold above the poverty line if he worked one day a year.

This is one rich guy complaining about a super rich guy.

In fact, Stewart is on pace to be richer than Romney when he reaches the same age as the Republican Presidential hopeful.

Unlike Stewart, I won’t fault either for their success.

The market decides the value of your skills.

Given the popularity of the Daily Show and the success of Comedy Central, it’s no surprise Stewart has a hefty salary.

It’s hard, though, to argue that the service he provides the community is actually worth that in terms of paying dividends to the broader world.

Mitt Romney has been a leader and a policy maker, not to mention an industry leader and private sector job creator – despite what his Bain critics would have you believe, not every company bought by the venture capitalist firm was gutted and resold. In fact, many were extremely profitable following Bain’s investment.

It’s hard to believe, though, that Stewart can sit at this Daily Show desk with a straight face and bash Romney’s success when he gets paid millions of dollars a year, more than a dozen doctors, nurses, teachers or police officers combined, for telling jokes.

But it’s OK. He’s a liberal.

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