Obama’s latest ‘evolution:’ Illegal Immigration

Most of what a president does in an election year is motivated solely by political point spreads.

What do I gain by making this move?

That’s the mindset of an election year president.

We’ve seen that all of 2012 from President Obama.

Role reversals, empty promises, divisive rhetoric and an obscene amount of blaming others have marred the president’s re-election bid, particularly costly in a year when he seems eminently beatable.

Obama’s latest pet project is illegal immigration.

Despite the fact that Obama in three years has deported more illegal immigrants than George W. Bush did in eight years as president, Obama has attempted to garner the Latino vote by declaring he’ll grant temporary amnesty to children of illegal immigrants.

This move coincides with an incredible piece in TIME magazine around the topic.

In the story, the author, an illegal immigrant himself, details his journey as a professional journalist at some of the country’s most reputable news outlets.

Jose Antonio Vargas, the author, even called INS wondering why he hadn’t been deported and they basically just said, “We don’t care.”

The position the president took is an interesting one: we want you to come here legally, but if you come here illegally, your children can stay.

We know, instinctively, a child shouldn’t have to suffer the negative consequences of their parent’s misdeeds.

That’s not a child’s burden.

On the other hand, we’re setting up the wrong incentives.

Come here illegally to give your family a better life (which is what the vast majority of illegal immigrants are here to do, not start trouble), but make sure you have your family here, don’t bring them with you.

It’s part of the reason the Latino population continues to boom.

And that is why President Obama is making this decision now.

He’s spent the better part of 4 years deporting illegal immigrants, but now just 5 months from the election, he’s decided his position has evolved?

When it comes to President Obama, you don’ t have to be ignorant to reject evolution.

The President’s position hasn’t evolved, his incentives have.

Garnering the Latino vote, a wildly important component to November’s election, is all this move is aimed at achieving.

It certainly won’t do anything to stem the tide of entitlement spending or fix the health care issues.

Illegal immigrants are, by a large majority, poor and uninsured. Come here, have a kid, and the government will not only make that child a citizen but also take care of your child in posterity.

This is not the system we truly want, just the one Obama thinks will get him re-elected. Unfortunately for all of us, that’s all he cares about.

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