Wisconsin offers example to nation in defeating union thuggery

The liberal excuse machine is out in full force just about 12 hours after Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker won his fight against the union thugs behind his recall election.

Let’s be honest, this was never about Walker v. Barrett, the governor’s overmatched and underwhelming opponent. Just 50% of Barrett voters said their vote was a vote for Barrett rather than a vote against his opponent.

In stark contrast, 90% of Walker voters said they were voting for  the governor, leading to a trouncing of the Milwaukee Mayor by an even bigger margin than the 2010 election.

But before the polls had even closed, David Axelrod was making excuses for Barrett’s imminent loss.

It was the fundraising, all that out of state money. Walker outspent Barrett 8-1 etc. etc.

The problem, of course, with that logic is that Walker was leading the polls by a sizable margin before any campaigning had even begun.

Liberals can’t accept this obviously, because it means that public opinion doesn’t jibe with what they hoped it would. It also means millions of wasted union dollars to fight a governor the state agreed belonged in office.

Unions from across the country sent money to Wisconsin, proof positive that union dues are not apolitical, and are, in fact, exactly the opposite.

But more than that, this election showed that independent voters favor fiscal responsibility over ideological rhetoric.

Actions over words.

What Scott Walker did in Wisconsin worked.

The voters, the tax-payers, they saw it work.

Budget balanced, taxes lowered, businesses back on track.

For liberals, this is bad, bad news.

Barack Obama avoided this election like it was the plague. He made campaign stops in Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan, thrice flying over Wisconsin, but never stopping to stump for Barrett.

He knew this was a losing battle.

Already there are questions about how this will effect Obama’s chances in Wisconsin.

We know Obama won’t get outspent 8-1, but polls – the same ones that predicted nearly the exact gubernatorial outcome – have Obama and Romney running in a dead heat 46-46.

But 8 points is plenty between now and November.

Independents supported Walker, which is why he won. Independents, for now, are supporting Obama, but that may not matter.

In the recall election, three of the key GOP stronghold counties went heavily for Walker, posting higher victory percentages than in the liberal counties where Madison and Milwaukee reside.

In other words, the Republicans came out in wild support of their candidate.

Conservatives don’t support Romney the way they support Scott Walker, not in Wisconsin or truly anywhere else.

But what happened in Wisconsin proves that public support and true democratic processes support the majority voice, no matter how dirty the other side fights or how many celebrities endorse the opponent.

In so many ways, this was a proxy war for the national GOP and Democrat parties.

In November though, Obama is running as the bizarro Scott Walker, the incumbent whose policies have failed as massively as Walker’s have succeeded.

If Republicans across the country see that liberal demagoguery can be defeated in Wisconsin, there’s reason to believe it can be defeated in Washington D.C.

A victory in Wisconsin could be the first of many for conservatives in this country. Luckily, that means a victory for all of us.

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