Turning the mirror: Romney less like George W. Bush than Obama

The Democratic party has re-introduced it’s favorite whipping boy in an attempt to paint Mitt Romney as just another blithering Republican idiot: George W. Bush.

Creeping into the mainstream conversation, it was the Meet the Press panel who uttered the latest comparisons, wondering what the real difference was between Romney and Bush.

Candidate Obama beat John McCain in 2008 based mostly on the idea that Obama was essentially the opposite of President Bush, whose low tax policies were nullified by out of control spending and failed defense policies.

But when you put Romney up against Obama, the more apt comparison is actually between Obama and his predecessor, not Romney and the most recent GOP President.

Barack Obama’s past is nearly identical to Bush’s, complete with heavy drug use, mediocre grades at a prestigious school he probably didn’t deserve to get into, and a meteoric rise to power based on things other than his political qualifications.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is genuinely intelligent, receiving dual degrees in medicine and law (something they now have a program for, but didn’t when he went there), had considerable private sector success and then went on to hold several substantial leadership positions, including a governorship.

Romney took the 2002 Olympic games from hundreds of millions in debt and turned them into a $100 million success.

As governor, he inherited a state economy at an all-time low, and a structural deficit in the billions.  Romney cut spending and balanced the budget in each of his annual budgets.

By the time he left office, the state of Massachusetts was riding on a surplus of close to a billion dollars.

Bush, on the other hand, ran up over $3 trillion in deficit spending bills over his eight years in office according to the White House Budget Office.

It’s worse for Obama who, in his first two years (the 2009 budget wasn’t his), ran up $2.8 trillion in deficit spending.

On a per year basis, Obama’s deficit spending was more than four times that of Bush, adding a trillion dollars to the deficit in every year of his presidential term.

President Bush expanded the unilateral powers of government and used them to run up massive bills on defense spending.

President Obama acted similarly, only he used the powers to hamstring business and infringe on personal liberty.

Mitt Romney, as governor, asked for more power to help the economy and saw his state grow rapidly, while reducing spending and increasing private sector growth.

These seem like talking points, but the proof is in the proverbial pudding. We’ve seen what Romney has done as a leader, as a businessman and as a politician.

His laurels and his credentials as a fiscal conservative and pro-growth leader cannot be questioned. The same cannot be said for Obama, who makes Lindsay Lohan look responsible when it comes to spending.

If there is anyone in this race whose track record looks like former President Bush’s, it’s the man who followed him in Washington.


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