Soda Bottle Flap Latest Attack on Personal Freedom

It’s almost too absurd to be true.

The quote from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a microcosm of liberal policy.

“We’re simply forcing you to understand what’s better for you.”

That’s it.

What else do you have to say?

We are, after all, only talking about soda cups, but that’s not the point.

New York wants to limit the size businesses can sell self-serve sodas so that people can’t walk around with Big Gulps at 64 oz, which is, I think we can all agree, way too much soda.

The problem, as we know, is this is a slippery slope.

Reaching into the realm of my drink choices isn’t a major intrusion into my life, but what about forcing me to buy insurance?

When ObamaCare was fought in the Supreme Court, we heard the now famous broccoli argument, where the question was posed that since broccoli was good for people why couldn’t the government mandate that we buy it?

More to the point, the government absolutely and unequivocally does NOT have the right to tell me how big a soda I can buy, unless, in an extreme circumstance, we had a soda shortage.

But that’s what liberals want: to delegate, monitor, and regulate every portion of your life.

If I can’t even make a simple decision for myself like how big a soda I want, how can the goverment possibly trust me to make important decisions like what car to buy or where to build a home?

Well, then the government should just make those choices for me.

What a splendid authoritarian utopia that will be.


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