Liberal bias isn’t just in coverage but in outrage

When the mainstream media starts to notice its own bias in covering President Barack Obama, you know some progress is being made in the way the national political narrative is being formed.

At the very least, this self-awareness could lead to more awareness from the consumers of media as to what’s going on.

Politico ran a story today about the bias over the coverage of Obama vs. Romney already forming before Romney is even the official candidate.

The story notes that revelations regarding Obama’s heavy college drug use were buried, while a story on Ann Romney’s horse riding was front page news.

This inconsistency doesn’t just apply to media coverage, it applies to outrage and activism.

The semi-militant wing of the progressive liberal party loves to take a singular instance and blow it epicly out of proportion to make someone they disagree with look bad.

It’s particularly true when that person is black, gay, a woman or any combination thereof.

Unless it’s a conservative.

When Condi Rice was Secretary of State, there was no liberal outrage over the jokes about her teeth. There were numerous jokes about Bush and Rice having a secret romance.

But if Jimmy Kimmel makes a joke about Rachel Maddow’s haircut, he’s a bigot and a misogynist.

The latest, and perhaps most blatant display of this has to do with conservative New York Post columnist S.E. Cupp.

About two weeks ago, an explicit image of Cupp was created to show her with male genitals near her mouth.

The headline read “What would S.E. Cupp look like with a dick in her mouth?”

Can you imagine the outrage if instead of S.E. Cupp that the headline was Norah O’Donnel or Contessa Brewer?

MSNBC would dedicate hours of programming to this gross travesty of feminine objectification, which, by the way, it is.

One of the only prominent news outlets to take a stand was The View.

With a heinously liberal panel outside of Elizabeth Hasselbeck, it’s heartening for them to have her on to talk about this.

What is interesting though, is Hasselbeck reportedly called a number of woman’s rights orgs, none of whom wanted to comment.

If this were a liberal, Gloria Allred would be threatening to sue as Gloria Steinem did a media tour to decry this disgusting act.

Apparently, if you disagree with the progressive agenda, you’re not entitled to the same protection of their liberal shield.

Of course, therein lies the hypocrisy of progressivism and liberalism.

They want fairness for all…unless you disagree with them.

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