Donald Trump: the latest liberal whipping boy

There’s one word most appropriate to describe what needs to happen when it comes to the coverage of Donald Trump as a Mitt Romney supporter: enough.

Who cares?

So The Donald supports Mitt Romney. Does it matter?

Trump had an abbreviated and ill-fated run for president of his own, but was he ever really a political figure? No way.

Donald Trump is a self-made gazillionaire and has the most recognizable bad haircut in the world.

Beyond that, there’s no reason to really talk about him.

What the left wants to do is hang Mitt Romney with a noose of Trump’s nonsensical birther rantings and upper crust shared identity.

Look at the two rich guys playing politics.

What Rachel Maddow and the leftist attack dogs want to do is take everything anyone says and expect Mitt Romney to account for it.

They did the same thing when one of Rick Santorum’s supporters made the now-infamous aspirin joke regarding contraception.

Does President Obama have to answer for the crazed rantings of Jeremiah Wright? Or the mentally unstable socialists like Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin?

Trump isn’t much different than those Hollywood ultra-rich liberal elitists Obama hangs out with, but people like their movies and they don’t particularly like Trump’s callous demeanor regarding business.

After all, the man’s most famous line is, “You’re fired.”

But this is a non-issue.

Mitt Romney doesn’t have to answer for Donald Trump’s ridiculous obsession with the president’s birth country.

Mitt Romney doesn’t have to answer for Trump’s fortune or the fact that they have both had tremendous success in the private sector.

The left wants to take any chance to potshot Romney, but how dare the conservatives bring up Bill Ayers or Rev. Wright?!

Twenty-four hour news has created a world in which every little detail has to be scrutinized and criticized, unless, of course, it’s something a liberal is doing.

But again, look at what we’re talking about. The GOP is having to defend Trump as it relates to Romney when we should be talking about Obama’s failed policies as president and his inability, or unwillingness, to take any responsibility for anything he’s done.

The liberal narrative machine strikes again.

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