The coolness of a liberal double-standard

The double-standards in our culture when it comes to wealth are staggering.

It’s an issue of mentioned a number of times, most recently when Alec Baldwin, a douche of epic proportion, criticized Mitt Romney for being out of touch (try to contain your laughter).

Baldwin makes $1 million an episode to make 30 rock, but people think he’s funny so it’s OK to be an ultra-rich goon.

Apple makes gazillions of dollars, but people hate Exxon because they like their iPods.

This double-standard is about ‘Cool’ according to Victor Davis Hanson’s new article, ‘The Power of Cool.’ 

If you read the article you’ll understand why I don’t need to add anything else. He puts it eloquently, albeit not so succinctly and it speaks to the myriad issues I’ve mentioned.

It’s excellent and worth your time.


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