MSNBC shows bias, buries new evidence in Trayvon Martin case

I don’t like to take a single act of lunacy and use it to paint with a broad brush. On the other hand, I believe the bias of MSNBC is well-documented and as a result, I think it’s fair to point out when they knowingly and willfully try to change the narrative of a story to fit their own.

It’s been obvious from the time the Trayvon Martin story broke that it would become a lightening rod.

Easy to pontificate over and easier to make bombastic statements about, the case turned into a debate about gun control, racial profiling and media bias.

Yes, the bias had gotten so bad that it became part of the story itself.

Things got even worse for MSNBC after, a liberal site that I link frequently on this blog, called out MSNBC for not only burying new information in the Trayvon Martin case, but for failing to bring it up at all.

When video of Zimmerman arriving at a Florida police department surfaced that seemed to show George Zimmerman to be unharmed, the media flew off the handle, insisting that Zimmerman was a white (and this was important to them, even though it wasn’t important to you or me) vigilante out to gun down a punk ass black kid.

Let’s also be clear about something, it does appear that Trayvon was, in fact, a punk. His criminal history, coupled with the new report that he had THC in his system when he was killed,is further evidence of that.

But without equivocating, we can all agree, just being a punk shouldn’t justify getting shot. That being said, it’s relevant to bring up in the conversation because the liberal narrative of this story is that some young, promising African-American model teenager was killed.

That’s simply not true and moreover, the fact that Martin was a punk, further outlines Zimmerman’s defense of approaching a troublemaker in the neighborhood.

Back to the issue of MSNBC however, they can’t have it both ways. Video that was damaging to Zimmerman’s case should be given equal time to that which enhances his case.

The latest evidence, which shows Zimmerman sustained serious injuries to his face, coupled with the reports that multiple eye-witnesses say they saw Martin on top of Zimmerman beating him, pokes substantial holes in the media narrative.

As I’ve said all along, I don’t want to litigate this case in the court of public opinion, which is exactly what has gone on. That being said, I think the coverage of this case has been wildly inflammatory, sensationalized, and reckless.

Luckily, anyone watching MSNBC is already on board with this faux-reality created out of the liberal myth. Unfortunately, those people, and all liberals, believe so strongly in such a flawed reality.

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