Polls shifting as support grows for true change in the White House

The left is incredulous that Mitt Romney is doing so well.

Look at him, he’s rich, out of touch, isn’t a great speaker, what do we have to do to bury this guy?

But as the election cycle moves out of the primaries, support is consolidated behind the former Massachusetts governor and we’re seeing things that seem almost impossible.

Take, for instance, the latest New York Times/CBS Poll showing Romney with a 46% percent to 43% advantage. The overall numbers aren’t as shocking as the six point decrease among female voters for Obama, mixed with a three point increase among women for Romney.

Perhaps part of the reason is the same poll found 67% of respondents believed Barack Obama was politically motivated when he came out in favor of gay marriage.

Even more startling, that particular sample was actually skewed Democrat, with 6% more respondents self-identifying as liberals.

I don’t want to get too bogged down with the numbers, but the point is, the idea that Obama will whip together a campaign and run away with this election is frankly absurd, no matter what Matt Taibi says.

In fact, I think the President’s first campaign may actually hurt him in his re-election bid. President Obama doesn’t have any more accomplishments than Candidate Obama did, so once again, he’ll have to run a hope and change campaign.

The only problem is we’ve seen it from him. He has the best campaign officials and media people in the world. There’s almost no disputing that. They put him in the best possible position to come off in the best possible light.

But what happens when the economic numbers don’t improve? When health care costs continue to rise? When state after state goes further into debt and has to lay off teachers, fire-fighters and police officers?

Mitt Romney doesn’t have the president’s wit or charm. He doesn’t have the grand slogans or fervent support of thousands of impressionable college students looking for a savior.

On the other hand, millions of Americans have seen what can happen when you have a president who’d rather hang out with George Clooney than institute sound policy.

Romney has the qualities we look for in a leader that our current and soon-to-be-former President lacks. He’s consistent, has a strong sense of himself and his beliefs, and won’t rollover at the first sign of political turmoil.

As this election wears on, it’s becoming clear America has recognized the mistake it made when it elected a president it’d rather see on Late Night with David Letterman than as the leader of the free world.

Candidate Obama promised change in 2008 and he delivered, to some degree. What he brought about was the biggest growth of government, most outlandish waste of spending and perilous lack of leadership in recent memory.

George W. Bush wasn’t perfect, but the way he united us after September 11 and Katrina, and put forward legislation like No Child Left Behind to include every family, not just the poor or rich, is so anti-Obama it’s startling.

Obama did bring change, but after more than three years, it’s no longer a change most people believe in. More and more, people are realizing another change is needed and it starts with a new man occupying the Oval Office.

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