Gay Marriage dominates national dialogue, while country continues to fall further into decline

When President Obama came out in support of gay marriage last week, there was reason to have an ideological discussion about the issues surrounding gay marriage.

The morality of it, the state’s authority to regulate it, federal power vs. state power, etc.

But these are arguments about ideology only.

They have no bearing on a man’s ability to lead this nation, and therefore, ought to have no bearing on the Presidential election looming in November.

We shouldn’t be surprised it’s what the media wants to talk about.

No politician, perhaps no public figure, in history has been more savvy about manipulating the media and the liberal elites in the entertainment industry.

That’s why you won’t hear much discussion about the $150,000 bribe Candidate Obama allegedly offered Rev. Jeremiah Wright (You remember him…”God damn America” and so forth) to keep quiet during the race.

They’ll be minimal media blow back about the potential pitfalls this gay marriage “evolution” has on voters, even though a black pastor recently went on CNN to explain that many of his congregants will be staying home in November, after supporting Obama in 2008.

Obama and his team, not to mention the Democrats, want this to lead the political discussion.

They don’t want to talk about the worst labor market in modern history for women.  It’s interesting that PolitiFact rated Romney’s claim about Obama’s labor record with women “mostly false,” and then the Bureau of Labor Statistics comes out and says after 324,000 women left the labor force, it was the largest number of women EVER who weren’t part of the labor force.

As a percentage of the population, it was the worst employment rate since 1993.

Do you see progressives and feminists wailing and gnashing their teeth at this? Of course not, because Obama supports gay marriage.

That’s a win for civil rights.

Another state passes anti-gay legislation, but let’s talk about how the president supports gays.

What a guy.

To me, the narrative in the media is secondary to the results in our shared reality. But perception is reality in politics.

Obama comes out with an utterly flaccid support of gay rights, women are seeing the worst job market in modern history and another state passed anti-gay legislation, but everyone feels like throwing a parade for the president?

President Obama wants this election to be about these kinds of ideologies. He can’t possibly win on his record on things like economic success or his foreign policy.

Mitt Romney will do well to continue to harp on the economy, continue to show the faults of Obama as a leader, not just of the free world, but the most powerful government in history.

Obama’s failures, habitual and seemingly perpetual, in the executive branch as a policy maker have been startling and Romney just has to keep the narrative close enough to reality to remind people that no matter how many things you like about Barack Obama, no matter how charming or funny he is, no matter how much you like him, there’s one inescapable truth: His record as a president is just not good enough to warrant another term.

When it comes to voting, that’s all we should be worried about.

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