Democrats sounding alarm over potential Obama loss

The left has begun to engage in an interesting, albeit predictable strategy: add urgency to the presidential election by ringing the warning bells that Obama can and will lose.

Presumably, liberal strategists believe many in the country have written Mitt Romney off and believe Obama will simply walk through November unscathed.

Paul Krugman was probably the first of the high-profile socialists  liberals to put this idea out there, his argument being the economy (his presumed area of expertise).

James Carville ratcheted up the intensity by telling Democrats to “wake the f*** up.”

It was a telling moment for Democrats.

Anyone who is paying attention to this election cycle recognizes that our president is vulnerable in November. Many who voted in 2008 based on the overwhelming popularity of Barack Obama have grown disinterested in politics, mostly because the only interests politicians appear to be serving are their own.

On the other hand, Romney is an underwhelming Republican candidate, an ultra-wealthy and out of touch man who is running a clunker of a campaign.

Carville compared Romney’s campaign to the grade point average of the Delta’s in the famed Animal House movies. In other words: god-awful.

And he’s not wrong.

Democrats have to be looking at Romney’s campaign going, “I can’t believe we’re polling even with this guy.”

But they are.

After all of the negativity from the Republican primary, Romney looked vulnerable, weak even. Now, as the election moves closer, his campaign is gaining momentum.

Perhaps a little introspectively, liberals are realizing, holy hell, we could actually lose to this guy.

That’s how bad things are in this country. That’s how underwhelming this president has been, how derelict in their duties the liberal Congress has been.

Obama won in 2008 because of enthusiasm and momentum. Tens of thousands of volunteers flooded blocks across the country to get people out to vote for hope and change.

Are there those same volunteers out there? Will people be receptive to such a message the second time around after three years of failed policies?

President Obama did prevent GM from going completely under and presided over the plot to kill Osama bin Laden. If the rest of his administration hadn’t been such an unmitigated disaster, those two things alone would have been enough to beat Romney.

But not now. Not with a conservative push-back from voters. Sweeping changes to Congress in 2010 and a slew of Republicans elected to major offices across the country, be it state senators, governors or others.

The fact that Obama has the best campaign staffers in the history of the world and Romney seems to have the opposite, is exceedingly telling.

Nationwide polls are deadlocked and swing states are up for grabs. That’s how bad things have been, how bad this president has been.

If I’m a Democrat, I’d be concerned too. Unfortunately for them, there are probably going to be enough people concerned to the point that they’re voting for “the other guy,” no matter how clunky his campaign.

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