Daily Show takes Mormon critics to task

Politics is known for the equivocation, flip-flopping and back-tracking so many of its major players engage in.

It’s the nature of the beast…or whatever cliche you want to use.

Theoretically, we have the media to hold people accountable for these things. As you know, the media doesn’t always do a great job, and often, the media engages in the kind of hypocritical sensationalism that also necessitates the above actions.

That’s why a show like the Daily Show has a place in popular culture.

While Jon Stewart is openly liberal, he is willing to be an equal opportunity satirist and his latest piece of the criticism of Mitt Romney’s religion is not only hilarious, but relevant.

Stewart has a way of taking a really insightful position and also making it funny.

The driving force behind this clip is that you can’t cherry pick the worst pieces of a religion and characterize an entire group of people by it.

It’s an idea we could extend to the current and mainstream anti-Muslim sentiments in the world.

Stewart, of course, can’t help but take a shot at Republicans in the end however.

Still, it’s the kind of secondary accountability that I like to see on television: even in satire, it’s the media holding the media responsible.

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One thought on “Daily Show takes Mormon critics to task

  1. Jon Snider says:

    As a Mormon, I have thought that the coverage of Mitt Romney’s religion among the news media has been so so. Not sure why it is talked about so much when they never hardly mention Harry Reid being Mormon. I think that MSNBC and especially Lawrence O’Donnell have some kind of agenda to smear Romney via Mormonism and a majority of things that they tend to say about it are not true about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I feel it is only going to get worse, but that is the way that media works so they can influence the voters to vote the way that they want them to.

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