Mitt Romney v. Barack Obama: the race to be most ‘in touch’

It would be naive to believe the Office of the President is anything less than a rich man’s job whose campaign is paid for by other rich people (also usually men).

It always has been, and in all likelihood, it always will be. There will be a woman president someday and increasingly you’ll find wealthy female donors as women continue to integrate in upper-tier corporate America.

For us to quibble about the degree to which someone is rich as it relates to their candidacy for president is utterly ridiculous.

By any measure, President Obama is a rich man. He is the 1%.

Republican front-runner Mitt Romney is an ultra-rich man. If Obama is the 1%, Romney is the .1%.

There’s no disputing that.

But what’s the difference really?

Liberals have used Romney’s wealth and privileged background in an attempt to undermine Romney’s “in touch” quotient.

Yesterday, ultra-liberal Alec Baldwin took to the airways to criticize Mitt Romney for this very issue.

It’s laughable for someone who defines the liberal elite like Baldwin to call anyone else “out of touch.” This is a man who makes more in a week than Barack Obama does in a year. A man who lives and works in Hollywood, the most insulated and out of touch group of people on planet earth.

But Mitt Romney is out of touch.

Barack Obama grew up in Chicago and made his bones as a community organizer. He has a background with “the people.”

Hilary Clinton has an even more distinguished career as an activist and yet my guess would be more people could say she is more out of touch than Obama.

Yet when the President’s wife goes on a $500,000 vacation on the tax-payers dime, that’s normal. The average person can really relate to that right?

This is a man, in our soon-to-be-former President, who still believes he has overwhelming support, despite not having an approval rating over 50% since June of last year, a bump he got after the death of Osama bin Laden.

Just before Squad 6 made history, Obama’s approval numbers were bottomed out at 45%.

This is a man who believes he saved the auto industry, saved us from a depression and has us going in the right direction.

Detroit is a burgeoning metropolis haven’t you heard? And if you need a job, walk into any building in the country, they’re practically giving them away.

I have a theory as to why the president continues to get a pass, continues to be viewed as “more in touch” than Mitt Romney, but it’s not a popular one and it’s worth an entire post to discuss it.

The point is, it’s utterly ridiculous for anyone to argue that Obama has shown, and I mean actually proven, he’s in touch with the voters, particularly when his cornerstone piece of legislation is unpopular with the majority of the country.

Mitt Romney doesn’t have the fiery populist rhetoric that Obama does, nor the oratory skills to connect with the average viewer, but that doesn’t make him “out of touch.”

Romney, as opposed to Obama, hasn’t spent his life in academia and politics. Romney spent most of his career in the private sector, engaging with people in the real world of commerce.

He spent just a brief time in politics as governor, but his experience with the Olympic Committee and even the Mormon Church is more extensive.

When you want to look at people who have experience in the world, serving and engaging with the people, Mitt Romney, for all of his millions, wins hands down.

Obama has been insulated by academic and political circles, completely devoid of substance when it comes to first-hand experience of the world.

His tenure as president has only reinforced the notion that the only people he’s interested in listening to are the people telling him how to advance his career and his legacy.

In touch? With his own ego and hubris maybe, but not you or me.

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