You can’t force freedom or legislate equality, but the left will continue to try

“Freedom” is a word the left misuses more than any other.

To them, freedom is something that can be achieved through coercion, force and even the invasive reach of government.

In other words, you can be forced to be free.

Political philosophers have long posited that in order to be maximally free, we needed a government, we needed rules and structures to protect us from each other.

Thomas Hobbes was one of the first and most prominent to do so, invoking an ideology that is as true now as it was 500 years ago when he wrote ‘The Leviathan.’

But Hobbes doesn’t believe you can be forced to be free in the way modern American liberals do, at least not within the confines of a political system.

Liberals love to talk about freedom of choice and equality among all citizens. I alluded to the flaws in their way of thinking last week, but I want to take that discussion even further.

The left, believing it has the moral high ground, wants to force people into freedom.

It’s why we have affirmative action, Title IX, and innumerable other laws that literally force people to act as though all people are equal.

But here’s the problem: they’re not.

And I don’t mean that in the way it it was meant 50 years ago, when whites were superior to blacks and men were superior to women.

I mean one person next to another person.

They are inherently and necessarily not equal in their skills, talents and abilities, not to mention their wants and needs.

There’s nothing freeing about forcing a company to hire a diverse staff if it means sacrificing the quality of worker.

I’m not saying in all cases that’s necessarily true, there’s nothing inherently less qualified about a Hispanic worker or an Asian worker, but the law itself forces the employer to pick one.

How does that create equality? Where is the freedom?

If a father gives his son a responsibility, like say mowing the law, but when the son doesn’t do it, the father does, has the father truly created responsibility?

Of course not. The same problem arises when the government forces us to make decisions based on something like gender or race. Equality through freedom, rather than coercion, is the only way to create a system where people make a morally positive choice. If you’re being forced to make a choice, then you lose the moral good of the outcome.

In fact, there’s an inherent inequality being perpetuated there because it implies that minorities and women need the government to free them (which is exactly what the left wants).

Cultural shifts are the only way to truly create equality, to truly create freedom. The government can’t possibly force you to be free.

Women are now more ambitious than men, and outnumber men in college 57% to 43%.

That’s a culture shift, not a governmental shift. The government didn’t force them to change their perceptions of themselves, it was through parenting differences and a paradigm shift in culture.

The government can’t legislate it and ought to stop trying.


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