Cries of ‘Racism’ Trayvon Martin Case do nothing to further justice

When the Trayvon Martin story broke, I kept saying that making this about race doesn’t help anyone.

It’s a stance I’ve taken over and over when it comes to claims of racism, particularly institutionalized racism, not because I’m denying racism exists, but because it doesn’t do anything to solve the problems we have.

Saying a man who was arrested for drugs was stopped because he was black doesn’t change the fact that he had drugs on him.

Saying a woman who is deported after being stopped by police because she was Latina doesn’t change the fact that she was here illegally.

The biggest issues in the Trayvon Martin case are about gun control and stand your ground laws, not whether or not George Zimmerman was a racist, especially since it’d be impossible to prove he was a racist (hate crime enhancers are exceedingly hard to win).

I know this was a few weeks ago now, but Bill Cosby essentially said the same thing.

Race relations can’t get better until we understand that not everything is about race. It’s exactly the point I made about hyper-sensitivity yesterday. Just because George Zimmerman was white (sort of) and Trayvon Martin was  black, doesn’t mean that’s why Zimmerman shot him.

It’s a lazy argument to make and does nothing to seek any kind of justice, nor does it even begin to make an attempt at a solution.

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