Political Correctness Obstructing, not Perpetuating equality

Political correctness has corrupted the fight for equality.

There’s no equivocating needed.

Hyper-sensitivity has made it impossible to for us act without fear of being judged for being racist, sexist, or any other “ist” you can think of.

Partisanship has made this problem even worse and I’ll use a pair of examples to show what I mean.

In the last week, Mitt Romney has hired an openly gay spokesperson. Richard Grenell is a former George W. Bush aid who has a twitter feed which he likes to use to poke fun at political figures.

God forbid he say something funny about a woman and her appearance.

The left, usually a friend of anything homosexual-related, blasted Grennel for his “sexist” remarks. The Jezebel article cited a number of Grennel’s tweets, which have subsequently been deleted, as the reason for saying he’s a misogynist.

Grennel asked if Newt Gingrich’s wife’s hair snapped on and made a quip about her being the first lady, but not her husband’s first lady.

Apparently, a man can’t make a joke about a women without being accused of being sexist. There’s a different between making a joke about a woman and making a joke about being a woman.

There’s no equality in having woman be off-limits in political tongue-and-cheek barbs. True equality means women are fair game and that includes their appearance.

Making reference to a woman’s appearance isn’t inherently sexist, in fact, in many cases, it’s simply observatory. Feminists might argue that a woman shouldn’t have to live up to my standard of beauty, and they’d be right. No one does. We all set our own standards. I can still call someone butch if they look butch.

That’s not sexist.

Let me use a second example to show why this hyper-sensitivity has actually been an impediment to equality.

Several days ago, S.E. Cupp caused an MSNBC panel to lose what was left of their minds when she said she didn’t want gender equality in the Secret Service.

Her point wasn’t that women shouldn’t be Secret Service agents, but rather that the most qualified candidates get the jobs.

This is unequivocally not a sexist position to hold.

There is nothing fair or just about striving for equality if equality doesn’t produce the best possible outcomes. I’m certainly not advocating that women be left out of the Secret Service, but if they aren’t the most qualified applicants, there should be no reason why they should be hired.

That’s true in any realm, public or private. It’s true for race, gender, sexual orientation and any other delineating characteristic you want to pick.

My father always told me fair isn’t always equal and equal isn’t always fair.

The heart of feminism is to put women on an equal plane as men, a fine goal to be sure.

But if that means unfairly tipping the scales in favor of one gender or another in order to achieve equality, then there’s no intrinsic value or inherent good to that.

True equality, real fairness, means an employer can pick the most qualified applicant, period. Equality means comedy is an equal-opportunity field.

The hyper-sensitive, politically correct culture perpetuates neither fairness nor equality because it constantly separates us by our differences.

Equality, fairness, these are ideas steeped in the understanding that we are more the same than we are different. Until that re-enters the discussion, we won’t have true equality or justice.

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One thought on “Political Correctness Obstructing, not Perpetuating equality

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