The race-baiting left strikes again with Romney campaign slogan

I want to address this briefly, but only briefly because I don’t want to add any more fuel to the ill-conceived fire.

This is the kind of ultra-senstive, race-baiting society we live in.

Mitt Romney’s campaign slogan is ” Obama isn’t working.”

In other words, the president has been ineffective.

But, predictably, the left thinks this is a veiled racist suggestion because President Obama is (and this may shock you) black. And part of the negative racial stereotype with black men is they are lazy.

Ok. What?!

I mean, I know the stereotype exists, but what evidence is there to suggest this slogan has anything to do with race?

“Obama is a failure,” is a little over the top and “Obama isn’t working out,” doesn’t have the same kind of ease and ring to it.

So hence, “Obama isn’t working.”

This isn’t about race, and to suggest it is, only reinforces the negative racial stereotypes.

Goldie Taylor suggests the “error” in wording or at least the poor word choice is because Romney doesn’t surround himself with a “diverse” group of people.

In other words, he doesn’t have any minorities on his staff.

Or, he has people on his staff who don’t expect every word he says to be twisted to appear racist. Perhaps his staff doesn’t view EVERYTHING through the lens of racism and therefore believes racial undertones are a part of everything we do.

This is nonsense. Plain and simple.

Obama ISN’T working and that’s why the banner makes sense. Romney’s campaign is based on the idea that Obama has been ineffectual as president. His slogan is a reflection of that. Nothing more.


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