Obama hypocritical rhetoric based in classic communist theory

Have you ever noticed that when the left talks about “the rich paying their fair share,” they’re always talking about corporate CEO’s?

They never mention the exorbitant salaries of movie stars or athletes.

It’s never about lawyers who charge $500 an  hour or plastic surgeons who charge tens of thousands for fake breasts.

We can’t blame them, of course we can’t.

You know why we can’t blame them? No one would get upset.

Corporate CEO’s are the proper scapegoat because people already feel like they’re getting screwed by their boss, no matter where they work.

It’s the same vitriol and resentment Karl Marx describes in the uprising of the proletariat. This rhetoric from Obama is literally communist playbook 101.

The seizing of control by the working class against the ruling class.

Except, of course, Obama doesn’t want a full-on uprising of the working class, just enough anger to make the Republicans look like corporate shills and get him re-elected.

Re-election is another reason Obama can’t mention the leftist social elitists like athletes and movie stars, because that’s where he’s getting his money.

Not only that, but he has ginned up enough support among influential people, and he’s been able to parlay that in nation-wide popularity because people like Oprah, Jay-Z, Bono and other celebrities support him.

They can still ride their private jets, but corporate CEO’s should be giving back, just as long as people like Bill Maher are still writing $1 million checks.

This whole idea of taxing the rich is so pathetically hypocritical. Was it surprising to you that within a week of the Wall Street Journal re-affirming the lie that Warren Buffet pays a lower tax rate than his secretary, that the White House came out with their tax returns showing the president pays a lower rate than his  secretary?

Obama, a man who rails against corporate greed, flies around in private jets and helicopters at the taxpayers expense, not to mention takes lavish vacations and throws regular parties at the White House, does this all on our dime.

At least a CEO has the common courtesy to use his own money to fund this stuff.

Obama wants you to believe “country club Republicans” like Mitt Romney are evil, but the man spends more time on the golf course than any president in history.

Public schools must be funded and saved and oh by the way, they’re doing great, except Obama’s kids go to one of the most prestigious (and expensive) private schools in the world.

Obama doesn’t really want to tax the rich and he knows the so-called Buffet Tax has no chance of passing. He wants it as a campaign tool. He doesn’t want to pay more in taxes and he doesn’t want his rich donor friends to pay more either. That’s less money in his campaign coffers and his own pockets.

Obama’s goal is want you to want to tax the rich, especially that greedy Mitt Romney, because the more hatred you have for the rich, the more likely you are to want four more years of a president bent on punishing them.

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