Faulty ‘Establishment’ rhetoric fails to account for voter preferences

The reason we have elections is so that the people get to decide who leads them.

It’s the most basic tenant of democracy and is why it’s the favored system of the modernized world.

So when a conservative talk show host like Mark Levine pops off that Rick Santorum’s exit from the Republican field signals a victory for the “establishment,” I have to laugh.

This is like complaining who wins American Idol.

People vote. If people don’t vote for someone on American Idol, it’s because they don’t like them, whether it’s a personality issue or a voice issue.

If people don’t vote for you, they probably won’t buy your records either.

That, folks, is the point of American Idol: to create a star. You do it not just to do it, but to profit off of their success.

Fox doesn’t have altruistic motives in creating stars from their shows. They want to get paid.

So, when you have an election and no one votes for you, then the people have spoken very directly and very concisely, they don’t want you.

The so-called establishment wasn’t voting. People were.

Yes it’s true that the National Republican Party supported Mitt Romney and helped bring him campaign dollars, but if enough people thought Santorum was such a great guy, they would have given him the money, not Romney.

Money is important. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but when Obama could raise north of half a billion to fight the GOP, you have to have a candidate who can stand up to that kind of assault.

Santorum didn’t have it. Just because Rush and Levine liked him, doesn’t mean that was enough to get him elected.

Furthermore, let me extend the American Idol metaphor to the open primaries where the Democrats were voting for Santorum.

This is like the web campaigns to vote for the worst person on American Idol just to screw with the show.

That’s exactly what Democrats were trying to do: screw with the show.

They knew, like Republican voters knew, Santorum had less than no shot of beating Barack Obama. If, somehow, Democrats could cast a few votes and weaken Romney’s bid in the primaries, maybe Santorum could get enough delegates to create a brokered convention and Santorum could win the nomination.

For Democrats, no outcome would have been more desirable.

Romney won.

It doesn’t matter how or why. He won because more people voted for him than for Rick Santorum. That’s the way this works.

If Santorum couldn’t beat “the establishment” and Romney, how in the hell was he going to have a snowball’s chance in hell against Obama and his band of liberal media bodyguards?

Levine and Rush like to be controversial. Santorum was losing and was seen as the “good conservative” so they had to support him, if for no other reason than it was the contrarian position.

Now it’s time to rally around the only contrarian position that matters: this country needs a new leader, a new face. The chosen one’s time has come and a contrarian voice to left-wing social engineering needs to be supported.

You want to be a contrarian? Support Mitt Romney.

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