The hidden truth behind Obama’s incoherent policies

“It’s like saying you like omelets, but don’t like eggs.”

It’s a strange, but relevant metaphor offered by Republican front-runner Mitt Romney regarding the President’s stance on the economy.

Romney’s point was that soon-to-be-former President Obama claims to want to grow the economy, but doesn’t seem to like business. Yet, ‘the economy’ is basically just the aggregation of all businesses.

Although I haven’t been able to confirm the numbers, Romney, in that same speech, claimed more Americans have lost their jobs under Obama than at any time since the depression.

We know Obama’s quips about private jet owners having to pay more, the attacks on profitable businesses and business owners.  New business, start-ups, are at their lowest number in 30 years.

Yet our President continues to insist he’s doing a great job.

In fact, the president thinks he’s doing a historic job.

When Romney said that to the crowd in Wisconsin after winning a hat trick of primaries, the crowd laughed as if it were the punchline to a joke.

Romney had to continue with, “I’m serious,” and the laughs continued.

That is where we are in this country. Our president’s faulty self-opinion, the arrogance and condescension is the punchline to a joke.

We know the joke isn’t funny since the number of people living in poverty is the highest it’s ever been. Nearly 1 in 3 single mothers live in poverty.

I don’t even have to mention gas prices.

People can’t sell their homes, nor can they get loans to buy new ones.

Our president, a former professor of constitutional law, champions health care reform that isn’t constitutional.

This is a man idiots we elected, who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground anything.

The problem Republicans face is that plenty of other people think he’s doing a great job too. This, of course, is mostly liberal elitists, steeped in first world guilt over what they have and what other people lack.

Rather than volunteer their time or donate to charities, they’d rather the government take care of them.

Other than that, the only people who support Obama are the millions of Americans who have been swindled into believing they need the government, that they need Obama.

For those people, Obama truly is a savior because without the government, they’d have nothing.

That’s exactly what the liberals want. They want undereducated people. They want businesses to fail, for people to need food stamps and unemployment insurance.

The more people who need government, the more their power grows. We’ve seen regime after regime throughout human history take steps to oppress its people in order to keep them under control.

Obama doesn’t want you to help yourself. He doesn’t want you to lift yourself up by your boot straps and live out the American dream through your own abilities, because then you’d have to have freedom.

He wouldn’t be able to control you, to force you pay for things you don’t want, to pay for other people who don’t contribute.

Obama wants a society where businesses fail but the economy grows because the government controls means of operation, everyone gets something, but no one gets what they deserve.

That’s socialism, the reasonable continuation of liberalism, and it’s why Obama has rolled out policy after policy that is utterly incoherent and entirely incongruous with the foundation of this nation.

It’s not that Obama likes omelets and doesn’t like eggs. He will demand you like omelets, but force you to get the eggs from him.

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